Friday, February 26, 2010

System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Greetings! I come in peace!

I'm just a normal dude. Well, normal is such a subjective word nowadays, so I guess I'd better define myself. I'm currently a 19 year old college sophomore/junior heading for a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I like to pretend I'm a nerd, and occasionally, I'll actually do something somewhat nerdy.

So what's with the blog? To be honest, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. It's certainly not my first blog, and it most likely will not be my last. I was just cruising around the interwebz when I came across a site, and I thought "I'd like to blog this", so I checked "" which was obviously taken by some stupid kid who never even posted once. Then I realized that I'm not really even a nerd, so "DiaryOfAnAspiringNerd" seemed more adequate.

Anyway, a little back-history. I mentioned a few other blogs. Other than some personal stuff, I've also had a few attempts at serious blogging (notice the word 'attempts'):

It's Really Dumb...: Just a really fun blog I made about dumb stuff. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, and I started building ideas, and writing posts. The only problem was, I ran out of steam. I just couldn't keep thinking up ideas for stuff, and to be honest, I got side-tracked with other things in life, and other projects.

FreewareWire: This one was a little more planned. I've always been fascinated with software, specifically freeware (since I'm not made of money). So I decided that I wanted to start a blog about freeware and attempt to download, try, and review literally every freeware I could get my hands on. It's harder than it sounds. I did love reviewing it and finding new freeware, but I found a few problems....(1) there's a lot of freeware. Like, a ton. Even for one little category, like compression, there's dozens, if not hundreds of popular freeware programs, and then there's the less popular ones. And (2) I tend to only like discovering freeware I'm looking for. Like I need a Tweeter reader, so I search around, compare, and find the one I like best. But after I find that one, I find it difficult to use the other ones. The only way to justly review freeware is to use it for an extended time, and it's very difficult to use 7 or 8 web browsers alot. So basically, FreewareWire has come to a screeching halt. I was planning to increase reviews to once every few days, but that hasn't happened. And I feel bad. But meh. Life happens. FreewareWire isn't dead, as I really hope I can return to it one day, but for now, it's going on an indefinite hiatus.

FreewareWire Software: This is kind of embarrassing. I like to write software. Check that, I like to pretend to write software. Instead of using an actual programming language, I use Autohotkey, a scripting language for Windows. But anyway, I have written a few programs in it that have gotten a fair amount of attention. I actually found that one of the reasons I kind of drifted away from FreewareWire is because I found that I enjoy writing software more than I enjoy reviewing it.

So that's me in a nutshell. Well, nerdy me, anyway. If you can't tell already, I get very easily distracted by any new shiny idea that pops into my head, so this blog may last a month, a week, maybe even just this post. But I figure, why not try? If it crashes and burns, oh well. If not, well, then I have a steady blog that absolutely no one is going to read.

As for the content of the blog, it's mostly going to be nerdy stuff, ranging from my opinion on a hardware piece (not a review, per se, just opinions), new freeware I find (but much less comprehensive than FreewareWire), programs I write, ideas I have, etc. Nerdy stuff.

Anyway, that is all.
-Bry. The name's Bry. Well, it's actually Jon, but you can call me Bry.

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