Saturday, February 27, 2010


Webcomics are freaking awesome. I used to love to read the funnies when I was a kid, and now that transfers over into comics on the web. Here's my absolute favorite webcomics, in no particular order (or maybe alphabetical, but certainly not in terms of favorites) with one of my favorite comics as a sample:

Just a really bizarre, random comic about several colored bunnies. It's written by a guy in the UK, so it's humor is a little different than the American humor I'm used to.....ok, it's just weird. I don't know why I like it, but I do. I do love how most of the comics start with "The Bunny ____", and I do love the visual style. But as for the content, I dunno why I love it, I just do.

Dr. McNinja
A friend of mine (who is actually a real nerd) showed this to me a while back, and I have to say, it's freaking awesome. It's about a ninja doctor. Nuff said, eh? But yeah, the humor and art in this comic are both amazing. I also like it because it's more like the traditional form of comic books. There's a story for each segment (40 or so comic pages), and the stories build on each other. Anyway, it's just awesome.

Garfield Minus Garfield
Garfield was actually the comic when I was growing up. I have so much Garfield paraphernalia boxed up in my closet.....but anyway, apparently someone decided to make a minor tweak: remove Garfield. So Garfield Minus Garfield is basically just Jon being absolutely crazy. I guess I like this one because I've read all the comics up through 2000ish multiple times, so I can sometimes remember what the real comic was like, and it's funny to see it without Garfield.

Lucid TV
More of a dark type of humor....about a hospital where the doctors are pretty much what you don't want a doctor to be. But insanely funny, if you don't mind the (again) dark sense of humor.

Penny Arcade
This one really is one of my lesser favorites, simply because it targets a very specific audience: gamers. I do game, occasionally, but I'm not a hardcore gamer. I don't keep up with all the upcoming games, read reviews on all the sites, etc, so occasionally, I won't understand a thing they're saying. That being said, because I do game sometimes, it can be hilarious if they touch on a game I know. Plus, the humor is really crude, which makes for a good laugh, occasionally. And it's not only about vidya games.

Questionable Content
The catchline is that it's about "romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have," and there's not really that much questionable content in it, so don't be scared away. I really don't know why I love this comic so much. I'm not really into indie music, but I just love it. I guess it would be that the humor is very witty, it has an ongoing plot, and the characters are very lovable. That and Hanners just cracks me up, for some reason. This sample comic doesn't do the strip justice, but it's totally my favorite, and cracks me up every time. I don't know why.

Rock, Paper, Cynic
While this one is called a webcomic (...or is it?), it's more of just cynical and funny quotes put with pictures. But it's still insanely funny sometimes.

The most well known and popular of all webcomics. About random stuff, some of it nerdy, but all around a good laugh. It's drawn in stick figures, but that doesn't take away from the humor in the slightest.

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