Thursday, March 11, 2010

iTunes/Pidgin clash

For my music library management, I'm trapped in the half-hell that is iTunes because I do love Apple's iPod, and as for instant messaging, though I've tried at least 9 other multiprotocol IMs, I still love the feel of Pidgin the most. So I often run them at the same time.

I usually like to multitask, especially when I'm talking on IM. One of the things I'll sometimes do is add lyrics to my songs in iTunes via copy+paste, and then tweaking (because most lyrics sites are incorrect, space the lines poorly, don't capitalize, have question marks, etc). So it was to my great surprise that I found that iTunes and Pidgin have a bit of a quarrel. I first noticed when I was chatting with somebody and editing lyrics at the same time. I tried to switch from the item info window back to Pidgin only to find that I could not click anywhere in the Pidgin window. It was seemingly unresponsive. Next I tried to click in the buddy list, but it showed the same symptoms. I tried to close the Pidgin window (not quit, just close), but it would not close. I expected the "This program is not responding" to appear, but it did not. I checked my task manager: it reported both iTunes and Pidgin as working fine. I was confused.

Anyway, to make an extremely short story very long, I finally realized that iTunes has a habit of freezing things up, so I saved the item info and prepared to close iTunes down, until I realized that right after I closed the item info window, Pidgin came back to life.

I don't know why, but this 'bug' is entirely repeatable. Every time I have any dialog open from iTunes (item info, Preferences, etc), Pidgin and all its windows are unresponsive. The minute I close the dialog, Pidgin springs back to life. It's the darndest thing.

I just now had the thought that maybe it's not Pidgin, but GTK, so I opened GIMP to test another Windows GTK app, but it seemed to work fine. So I'm at a quandary.

Really not that much of a problem, especially since I know an easy fix. It's really only annoying because sometimes I like to use song lyrics as my IM status, so I go to iTunes to Copy+Paste from the lyrics tab in the item info window, but I can't switch back to Pidgin until I close the dialog. Again, not much of a problem, but it does make a nerd-in-training wonder....

With many purple apples,

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