Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Of all the things I want to do in my personal venture of becoming a nerd is making my own OS. Sounds kinda big, right? I mean, for god's sake, I haven't even written a program in a real programming language, much less an OS. But it's still a dream.

I admit, this "project" is probably at least 5, maybe 10 years in my future. I don't necessarily plan to start it from scratch. (Whatever "scratch" means in terms of Linux.) Odds are I'll create a ____-based system, like Debian, Ubuntu, or the like. But I want to.

Now I don't want to create an OS for the world. At least, that's not my intention right now. If you create an OS that other people use, you have to maintain it, fix bugs they find, make sure hardware is compatible, etc. I want to create an OS just for me. My guess is that it will start out as terminal only, and then I'll hopefully add a lightweight GUI and then go from there. I'm definitely not going to make it as thorough as Ubuntu or any of the big names, I just want something simple. I really have a fetish for simple software and simple OSes as well. I actually prefer the Windows Classic theme to Aqua (even thought I do have a custom one on my personal PC).

I guess what I want to build is a Mini Linux. It's really a dream right now, but a dream that's plausible (to me, at least). I love computers and I'm going into Computer Science, so hopefully those two produce enough knowledge and interest for me to create my own OS.

So this really isn't the starting of a project or even the stating of an idea, per se, it's me stating my dream.

Dreaming on,

[UPDATE 4-02-10] As I was driving to work today, I was struck with inspiration; the name of my OS is going to me "my Personal Operating System that Sucks for any User but Me, or P.O.S.S.U.M., or informally, Possum. Heck yes!

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