Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rename Microsoft's egomaniacal folders

I was just going to do a little messing around with my computer's disk configuration, and I noticed that on right clicking "My Computer" in my start menu, there was an option called "Rename". God I feel stupid. How have I used Windows XP for years and not known that you can rename places like that? I always hated the fact that Windows called it "My _____" like Computer, Documents, Music, etc. But I just feel freaking retarded to think that I never bothered to check if there was an easy way to rename.

The saddest part is that I know you can change the location of these folders from their original place, which I've even already done (because having "My Documents" under "Documents and Settings" is downright stupid to me. I think Microsoft dropped it there because they were expecting computer novices [which might be partially accurate considering the ratio of computer users from when XP was released to now] so they throw it in some part of the hard drive that isn't obvious) because I like having My Documents on the root layer of the drive.

Now the only question is, will this throw off all of my shortcuts and such, and I'm thinking that it will. I've already tried using a shortcut in my Rocketdock for My Pictures, and it doesn't work anymore. The interesting thing is that the My Documents one worked, but I think that's because it's a specific Rocketdock feature, that is, it checks the registry for the location of "My Documents", whereas my Pictures shortcut is literally just a shortcut. The thing that surprises me is that Windows doesn't ask you "Are you sure you want to change this? It might make your crap stop working" like it sometimes does when you delete/move folders.

I dunno why, but this delights me. I feel really stupid for not realizing it sooner. Another thing I want to briefly mention is the whole changing the My Documents location deal. From what I can remember, it's actually a bit of a hassle because you have to boot into safemode, change the registry in various locations and if you don't get them all, it reverts back. And if you already moved all the stuff over to the new location, it will find missing files or folder or other words, it's dumb. So I was thinking that -with my limited knowledge of Autohotkey, I might make a utility to do that for you. True, you'd still have to do it in safe mode probably, but at least you wouldn't have to dig through regedit, you could just use the utility to set the programs and then it could even backup that part of the registry and even move all the files to the new location. If I end out having to switch those folders again, I'll probably write a utility while I do.

So yeah, this was literally a spur of the moment post, but I was just excited. And I know it's extremely obvious and I have no idea why I missed this, but I guess that's why "aspring" is in the blog title.

Still aspiring through all the "hurr durr" moments,

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