Friday, March 26, 2010

Twitter, Twitter, everywhere, and not a byte to Tweet.

I'm always the latest to know about the newest social networking site. I dodged the whole Myspace train for as long as possible, I was one of the last people I know to get a Facebook, and I just got a Twitter before Google released Buzz. But ever since I've gotten a Twitter, I've really started noticing how Twitter is everywhere. I used to just glance over the whole "Follow me!" because I couldn't follow because I wasn't tweeting, but now that I have the ability to follow people, it's almost overwhelming how everyone has to have a Twitter.

I actually did have a Twitter before, for FreewareWire (which I so scarcely updated...), and I actually had to use that account to follow my Macroeconomics teacher. That sounds a little strange, doesn't it? My teacher used Twitter to tweet out assignments and messages. But it goes beyond teachers. Everything you can possibly think of has a Twitter. Bands have a twitter, stores have a twitter, everyone has a Twitter. Now it kind of makes sense to me for bands to have a twitter because (a) there are actually a tangible amount of people in that band, and (b) they actually have news to share with people, even if it's just personal life. But stores like Walmart, pizza places and such....what's the point? I understand Facebook Pages a bit more because they have a bit more room to wiggle, like posting things and such. But Twitter is supposed to be used to keep up with people, and how can you keep up with Walmart, or other giant stores that are not a person?

Why am I picking on Twitter instead of Facebook? I guess it's because Facebook is such a collaboration of everything someone likes. I become a fan of something partly because of the status update that will go out to my friends saying "Jon Bry has become a fan of ______" and because it will add on to the list of things I am a fan of. But I rarely become a fan because I want to see their stuff in my news bulletin (with the exception of Teefury and Swagbucks).

Plus, Twitter is 140 characters, mostly used with phones. What can stores and such do with 140 characters? And really, if they're just going to try to advertise when I start following them, odds are, I'll un-follow them because I want to see tweets that are worth reading, not advertisements.

Basically it's just become a must, just like having a website is. If you really want to succeed as a business/store/band/anything out to make money, you have to have a website. That didn't used to be true, but now, it essentially is. Now, every celebrity/store/website/band/etc has to have "Follow me/us on Facebook and Twitter!"

Did you like my title? It made me cry a little when I thought it up, cause I thought it was so clever.

Tweet tweet,
@notbryant & @caniquoteyou

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