Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Google.....or Google Fools....

Everyone knows Google loves April fools. This year, they decided that since Topeka, Kansas is changing their town name to Google, they're going to to return the favor and change their name to Topeka.

To think that anybody would actually believe this is kind of funny, since still takes you there, but doesn't. That and the fact that it just happens to fall on April 1st. Even so, it's pretty funny, and I was surprised to go to Google today and think "Wha.....'Topeka'?"

I was also browsing around and I swear that I saw another prank they pulled on their Gmail page. I found Hv3 and was visitng familiar sites (Google, Facebook, Gmail) and the login screen had no vowels.

I didn't take this cap, I didn't think to at the time. I wish I had, but oh well. I really thought I was crazy because after I logged in, it 'fixed' itself. But apparently other people have noticed as well, so I just took someone else's cap.

My guess is that once you login, Google logs your IP or something and doesn't let you see it again. Why? I dunno. For fun. To make you feel crazy. I'd have to say that the lack of vowels is a better prank than Topeka. I never bought Topeka, but the vowels keep making me question whether or not I really saw it.

Some might say that maybe it was some strange error in Hv3's rendering, which I thought, except for the fact that the Gmail logo was missing the "ai" from Gmail and the "oo" and "e" from Google, and I distinctly remembering seeing that.

 It really caught me off guard. I wish I coulda screencapped it. I wonder if there's any other kidden little surprises.

April Fools, everyone!

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