Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jolicloud panel

I just messed up my panel by accidentally moving the CPU frequency changer applet, and then I couldn't move it back. I was extremely frustrated because things like Bluetoooth, Power, Wifi, and the Jolicloud applet didn't have the default "Move"/"Lock to panel" options, so I could not for the life off me figure out how I was supposed to move things to the other side of them if they were permanently locked to that part of the panel.

30-45 minutes later, I've already googled the problem by now, moved everything to a new panel and removed the old one, and tried to start the now-removed 4 applets from terminal. Finally, as I'm scrolling through the "Add" menu for the panel, I decide to click on random things, until I finally come to "Notification area." Yoink.

Boy, do I feel dumb. I like to think of myself as a beginner-intermediate when it comes to Ubuntu-based distros, but this made me feel dumby dumb dumby dumb dumb. On the plus side, while I was searching through the "add" list, I found one for disk mounting, which I've been wanting. But nothing can really make up for that....that's like someone saying "I deleted the Internet Explorer do I get to the internet?" Ok, maybe not that bad. But it feels that way.

Finder of missing panel applets,

PS - The reason I messed everything up is because the CPU applet won't let me change the scaling, even if I type my super password. Garg.

PSS - One last thing, on a related note: why is it so hard to get the "Add to panel" context menu? It might just be because it's Jolicloud, but it seems kinda like it's hard to click in just the right spot where you're in between applets.


  1. It's july 2010, and I'm still having same problem. Will post you accordingly if any thing comes up in this regard.

  2. Um, I said that I had solved the the post...