Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Operating Systems my netbook has had

My netbook has had a bit of an identity crisis ever since I got it. I got the EEE 901 with Windows XP (because I wanted the license to avoid getting Vista, but now I realize I should have gotten the Xandros version because it has more space....but that's another story) and I used Windows for a good while, probably a year even. Then I decided to look into the other netbook distros.

Cruncheee: Installed to my SD card, but then was obliterated by me trying to boot while the "Lock" switch was on.
Ubuntu: After my failure with Cruncheee, I decided to just try regular old Ubuntu.
Jolicloud [4-10 to 5-10]: Ubuntu started to slow down and dissapoint me, so I moved to Jolicloud, also for fun.
gOS [THE FUTURE?]: gOS looks like it might be worthwhile to me. Jolicloud is tending to slow down a tad, since it is based on Ubuntu after all. But I'm finding that I don't want my netbook to do everything a laptop can do, all I want it to do is the necessities, and gOS is that. I don't want any more Ubuntu based. Ok, maybe just a few...
MeeGo [5-10 to 6-10]: Jolicloud also started to slow down slightly, but the main reason was because I kept getting low disk notifications.....without even having a Swap.
TinyCore [6-10]: MeeGo basically just started crashing and acting unreliable. But TinyCore lasted all of 2-3 days...
Peppermint [6-10-CURRENT]: Just got tired of having to load/unload programs. Also lost a backup which made me lose alot of data concerning program preferences.

Other possibilities: Crunchbang (again), Kuki (when it supports Eee's), fluxflux-sl, Slitaz, and ReactOS.

OTHERS I TRIED BUT DIDN'T INSTALL: EasyPeasy, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and fluxflux-eee (though I came close).

Giving my netbook a bad case of amnesia fairly frequently,

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