Monday, May 24, 2010

Dropbox hates my network? And DVD drive?

I know I'm up way later/earlier than I should be, but I can't sleep, and I was just thinking about how I couldn't VNC into my computer because my local IP changed from to so I decided to get myself a static IP, but then after I made the necessary changes, I tried to restart my network and it broke.

It's a problem I've been having recently, Windows gets hung up on "Disabling Wireless Adapter." I used to think it was Windows' fault, but I was just now ending tasks left and right via Sysinternals' Process Explorer (svchosts, Logitech's and Apples unnecessary programs, and others), and I finally got to the point where ending anything else would probably crash my system. So I decided to just start shutting down my the programs I know until it worked. I started with Dropbox. Then it worked.

My guess is is that Windows tries to shutdown the network, but Dropbox puts its foot in the door since it's always listening for new information on changed files, and so it ends out in a sort of limbo, the network not working, but Dropbox trying to keep it up, despite what Windows tries to do. Just a speculation.

I also noticed that after shutting it down my external DVD drive spun up as well, which I was also having issues getting to work (but that's another story).

It's just kind of interesting. It also disheartens me that I was blaming other things (Windows, my network card, my DVD burner) when all along it was something almost completely unrelated from all of those. I love Dropbox, but if it's going to start screwing with my other programs all the time, maybe I shouldn't have it running all the time, or at least keep an eye on it.

Insomnianic problem solver,

PS - If "Insomnianic" is actually a word, someone should buy me a latte, cause I'll need it tomorrow.

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