Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google TiSP: Still kicking

I know I heard about this a few years ago after it happened (2007, according to Wikipedia), but I'm honestly surprised it's still around. Unlimited free broadband....through your toilet? Really?

I was 15 at the time, and I really didn't care too much about Google. It was my search engine of choice, but I didn't use the internet as much then, and even when I did, Google was just a search engine to me. Nowadays, since Google is in practically every corner of the internet, I.....well....well, I wouldn't not believe it. I mean, Google does a good job, typing up a press release, providing an installation guide, and all the other nice looking things you see in a legit Google site. Obviously when I hit their phony 404 page, I would have actually realized that they had been pulling my leg, but I'm not going to lie. My first thoughts would have been: "No, that's silly........or is it?"

The funniest part is that I found it whilst browsing Cha Cha for answers, and it still phrases it like it's a legit deal. I guess I can't be mad at Cha Cha for that, they're just keeping the joke going as long as they can.

I believe there are 2 morals to this story: (1) Don't read everything you read on the web, even by big names, and especially on April 1st; and (2) Google could probably trick a good amount of people (myself included) with a gig like that just because we know they think outside the box, that they are always coming up with new features and products to shock and surprise, that always ready to get their hands dirty? Ew.

Flushing it Down,

PS - I know I shouldn't be mean, but as I've been kinda researching Google products recently, I noticed that Google TiSP page's copyright is current at 2010, whereas the Google Finance Blog is back in 2008. I propose it must be painstakingly perturbing for your parent party to perdurably pamper a phony porcelain partition while pretermitting your passionate pursuit to please a population perpetually pressing for peculiar products. Poor people passed over by poo!

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