Monday, May 31, 2010

MeeGo and Dropbox

It's been several days and I've really enjoyed getting to know MeeGo better. But the main complaint I have is still how hard it is to install programs. The whole YUM repository thing was kind of thrust upon me, and even then, it's sometimes difficult, and I'm finding that I'm kind of missing APT.

In any case, I just spent a while trying to get Dropbox installed but it really was not working well. First off, Dropbox is not in the default MeeGo repository, or even the Fedora repo that I added (although it's highly possible that I added it wrong). Secondly, even after getting the RPM, I still had to dive into the Command line to install it for some strange reason.

In any case, YUM or no YUM, I finally got Dropbox installed and it even showed up on my Applications menu. Only problem: I could never get it configured. Whenever I'd start it, Dropbox would run me through the setup where I would enter my e-mail and password and such, but then when I got to the point where I can move my Dropbox location, it just exits when I try to browse to a place on the disk. So I finally just left it in my Home directory (which would never work for me, since I'm still on my 4GB drive). So it starts syncing, and I guess it really does work....except for the fact that I have no way of knowing if it's actually running. Since there's no tray, I can't tell if Dropbox is started, is having problems, or most importantly, I can't configure where my folder is.

I guess the workaround would be to create a softlink to the folder, but just the whole idea of Dropbox running solely as a service kind of irks me, so I may wait until Dropbox or MeeGo create a fix, which I've already heard talked about.

Talking about nothing,


  1. Bry,

    I had some of the same problems, but they're fixable. First, go to Programs > Acessories > Settings. In the left-hand pane, enable the System Tray.

    Then, once you've installed Dropbox in its default location, go to your Home folder. Open the “.dropbox-dist” folder (to show hidden files, hit Ctrl-H in Nautilus). Delete and you’ll be able to change the location of your Dropbox.

  2. Akshay,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I no longer use MeeGo actually, but I will keep that in mind, since I'm hoping to return to it after it becomes a bit more stable.

    I never would guessed deleting that file would fix Dropbox. Kinda weird...I'll keep that in mind if I ever run into any more problems with Dropbox on Linux in the future.