Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mini Secondary Monitor

Just today, I randomly decided to try to look for another LCD monitor. The only problem is that with my current desk layout, I only have 10 inches of height to fit it, or I guess I could try to mount it on a wall. I'd actually prefer to get a smaller one, but that's because I'm lazy, don't know how to mount crap, and don't really want to go drilling into my wall.

It's actually surprisingly hard to find a monitor that small. The best I can find are Digital Photo Frames that can double as a secondary monitor. I'm semi-open to this, but the main problem I have is the price. I paid $120 for a 18.5" widescreen LG with 30000:1, and judging by what the prices are on the "sub-monitors" or "sub-displays" I've been finding, it looks like it's going to cost about the same. I'm talking paying $100+ for a 7" monitor, and to me, that ain't right. Just because I don't have space for 18.5" doesn't mean I shouldn't have to pay just as much for less screen. Of course it is portable, but I sincerely doubt I'll ever find need to use it with my netbook, but who knows.

Basically, this is what I want:
  • Minimum of 800x600
  • DVI > VGA > USB (USB = Driver = Bad for Linux)
  • Under $75
  • Willing to go used or refurb (which is new for me)
  • Must be under 10" tall
  • Will not buy anything from Hong Kong
I really don't think I'm being that picky, other than price, but I can't even find monitors that are over my price but the right size. I'd be perfectly fine with getting a small 14-15" widescreen that isn't even classified as "sub-monitor", but I'm not sure those exist. Or if they do, they're like $130.

So to all the people who don't read this blog, do let me know if you have any recommendations. Here's what I have so far (both for personal preference and for all you non-existant readers) in order of most favorite to least:
It's disheartening, really. I can't seem to find any that match all of the requirements: it may be the right price but has a pathetic resolution, or it is big and hi res but is way too much $. Actually, the thing I would budge on the most would be the $$$. If I could find the Hyvision for $120, I would probably do it just because it's literally EVERYTHING on my list and is actually big enough that it is a respectable monitor size. But alas.

The only other option I see is to go with one that is meant for a car, like a headrest TV or some such. I really don't want to do that.

Longing for a monitor,

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