Tuesday, June 29, 2010

File Extensions

A few years ago, I was having a chat with a friend that also uses computers on a regular basis (though I'm not sure I'd call him a nerd....he's more of the wicked-cool graphic designer / website designer dude that I could never be because I don't have the skill...but anyway), and we got into a random discussion on file extensions. It's kind of weird when you think about it, because most of computer stuff is done through typing so you rarely actually pronounce things outloud.

For example (and this is embarassing), I always used to pronounce "cache" as "ca-shay". Why? Because there's a freaking 'e' on the end! How was I supposed to know the e was silent! So now if you ever happen to be talking to me in person, you can probably make me look like an idiot by saying something like "I'm running out of disk space for some reason", and I'll respond "Did you try emptying your browser's ca-shay?"

But anyway, what's far more amusing to me than my own stupidity is file extensions! (Ooh, italics! Ctrl+I!) Like my friend pronounced GIF as "giff", whereas I pronounced it as "Gee Eye Eff". That and a few other ones like "Aye Eye Emm" and "Why Eye Emm" just kind of made me laugh about how I picked to randomly pronounce words....err, wordish....things.... I mean, how would one pronounce INI? "In-nih" or "Eye En Eye"? And are your favorite programs "Ex-ehs" or "E Ex Es"? Are they "dulls" or "Dee Ell Ells"?

And as a closing note, please tell me that someone else out there silently (or audibly) cheers when they pull up behind a car and their licence plate is a file extension, like ###-INI? I'm really hoping I'm not the only one that doesn't say "Awesome" and contemplate driving alongside the car and attempting to congratulate them on a fine license plate combination.

"Bee Arr Why",

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