Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goodbye MeeGo / Hello TinyCore / Goodbye TinyCore

I've been mentioning alot about MeeGo lately, but I must unfortunately say that it is no longer on my netbook. It was kind of a spur of the moment, but also really something I've been thinking about. So here are my final thoughts, as of the current MeeGo version:

  • I love the layout. I love the simplicity. I love almost everything about the idea of MeeGo.
  • I hate the hassel of adding programs other than the 15 in the Garage.
  • I hate that MeeGo started crashing consistently so much so that it became unusable.
The thing about MeeGo is that it's so simple that I thought "I don't have to deal with all the "behind the scenes, Linux-y stuff", which I don't mind dealing with most of the time, but sometimes, I just want stuff to work. But MeeGo kept continually crashing Chrome, GIMP, and even its own Menu so much that I could not even use it.

All in all, I will miss MeeGo. It byfar impressed me more than Ubuntu or even Jolicloud. Hopefully this isn't goodbye, just.....an extended farewell.

At the moment of deciding to remove MeeGo, I already had a replacement picked out: TinyCore. Why? Because TinyCore is extremely lite, with BasicLinux 3.5 being the only thing I know smaller, and because TinyCore has a wonderful little app repository that had almost all the apps I want on my netbook.

The install was a breeze (after finding a refresher guide online). After that, though, it got a little more complicated. I had to find a TCZ for my screen resolution, since 1024x600 is not very common. Then I had to find one for my wireless card. Then came installing all the other stuff, like programs and OSS.

Overall, it's been a delightful experience. I even got flwm, OpenBox, and Fluxbox installed side by side with a limited amount of ability to switch between them.

Unfortunately, I just decided in the last 10 minutes to leave TinyCore. Why? Because it's too simple, to be frank. At first, I was a little freaked out by the whole "backup" deal and "install" vs "on demand", but I got a tad hang of it. But then I would try to "install" things like VLC "on demand", and it wouldn't work.

The thing that really set me off is that I had this huge list of Apps set to start On Boot, and it just decided to delete the entire list when I clicked on one. It's not that I couldn't have added them back, it just made me realize "I have little to no clue what I'm doing here." I already have sunk a few hours trying to get Xorg working (to no avail), getting the network card working, etc, and it's all just a little too high-maintenance for me.

Plus, I just had a backup fail, after which all of my apps launched like they were running for the first time, so I lost my Chrome bookmarks. Yeah.....

So all in all, it's time for another netbook distro. MeeGo needs polishing, and quite frankly, a slimdown. I'm seriously considering staying away from GNOME and KDE, and possibly even XCFE (though to me, that's just a lighter GNOME....). LFWM is a tad too lite for me, but Openbox, Fluxbox, Hackedbox, or possibly Blackbox (which I would love since my Win system is already running it) are sounding loverly to me.
But anyway, I will not look back at TinyCore harshly. I loved working with it, but I feel like I might have just demanded too much of it. If I ever get my hands on an old machine, TinyCore will be one of the first to pop into my head to use.

I feel like I'm getting picky. Maybe I'm just too in love with sampling distros.

Distro sampler,

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