Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iOS 4

On the spirit of talking about Apple's "new" innovations, the iOS 4 was released in preparation for the upcoming arrival of the iPhone 4. I, of course, will not be updating to 4 because (1) I jailbroke my iPod and I would like for it to stay that way, and (2) it might not be available for the iTouch. (Goram you, Apple.)

But here's some features worth talking about (even though I kind of discussed some of them in my iPhone 4 post):
  • Multitasking: I actually kind of want this. But I haven't looked into much about Backgrounding via Cydia apps so I'm not sure if I can get the same functionality, or maybe even better. Plus, it's not even available on the iPhone 3G, just 4 and 3GS, so if iOS 4 does work the the Touch, this feature probably won't be supported.
  • Folders: Now this, I want. I honestly hate Categories or Cydia because it's slow and frankly unusable, and it costs to get the actually decent one. Not worth my jailbrake, but enough to make me salivate. (Man I should sell that as a bumper sticker.)
  • Create Playlists: If I wasn't against throwing dozens of obscenities back to back in a blog post, here would be the place. I (regrettably) haven't posted anything about this, but I've been thinking about this for literally years. IT'S ABOUT F***ING TIME, APPLE. You could have done this back with my Video, and before that. I don't know when On-The-Go playlists were first introduced, but that's when this feature should have been introduced. Apple could have easily -easily- made the ability to name On The Go playlists, even with a scroll wheel. But no. It takes their "new" product to finally give a feature that should have been included years ago. Way to go, Apple.
    That being said, I do want this.
  • Home Screen Wallpaper: Again, a feature that should have been included ages ago. The only difference with this one is that Cydia came up with a fix for this.
  • Game Center: Supposedly an Xbox live-like environment for having friends and hiscores for games. Great, except the only game I play is Zombie Farm....
  • iAd: basically a new way for Apple to make money through advertising. But it starts with "i" so it must be cool, right?
That's all I can really find so far. So much for "over 100 new features", Apple.

Jailbraking instead of salivating,

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