Saturday, June 5, 2010

"My Documents" / Moving iTunes library / BSOD

Well this was an interesting night.

"My Documents"
A while ago, I had a "hurr durr" moment about being able to rename Microsoft's "My" folders. Shortly thereafter, I did my My Documents to C:\Bry, and also My Music and My Pictures via TweakUI to C:\Bry Music and C:\Bry Pictures, respectively. I then learned why My Documents comes the way it does. See, ever since I moved them, whenever I wanted to get to My Music, I had to go to My Computer, then C:\, then Bry Music, instead of having Bry Music right there under My Documents. I do admit, naming the header "My Documents" still sounds stupid to me, so I renamed it to just "Bry", where inside I have "Bry Documents", "Bry Pictures", and so on and so forth.

So I learned a valuable lesson: moving My Documents is fine, renaming it is fine, but it's best to keep My Music and My Pictures inside My Documents.

Moving iTunes Library
Since my iTunes library was before under "C:\Bry Music\iTunes" and now needed to be under "C:\Bry\Bry Music\iTunes", I needed to move it somehow. First, I tried the default: go to preferences and move the library. That worked for about 5 files out of thousands. Then I googled around a bit and learned that the XML file is editable, you just have to make iTunes think the ITL file has been corrupted; I tried that, only to find that my playlists were messed up and I had about 20 songs in my library.

Finally, I thought of something that could work. I thought "Maybe I can just run a 'Consolidate Library'. Well, my first try, I had already moved my entire "iTunes Media" folder to C:\Bry\Bry Music\iTunes, so all the files were already there; instead of checking to see if the file existed, iTunes wrote a secondary "*_1.mp3" for every single file in my library. So I reset my ITL and XML, moved my iTunes Media folder to another drive, and tried again. It didn't finish, though, and now it's time to explain why.

It really is probably the most frustrating thing in computing, to my knowledge. While iTunes was Consolidating my library, I decided to watch an episode of Firefly on my PC. When I tried to open it: BSOD. I restarted my computer and tried to open the same file. BSOD. I tried opening any video file. BSOD. I reinstalled codecs. BSOD. Finally, I got out my GPU driver disk, booted into Safe Mode, and reinstalled the driver. I tried opening the file with success, but we'll see how far it goes.

So now I have to deal with a screwed over iTunes library and a BSOD when I try to open any video file. What am I most upset about? Myself. I can't believe I screwed up by not Consolidating my library beforehand. Plus, I then copied it to the new location which didn't work, and then to another disk. Basically, I've done a lot of steps that took an hour each, every one doing absolutely nothing. But so help me god, if my GPU is broken or I have to do a goram reinstall of Windows, I'm going to lose my head. And maybe even switch to 7.

Screwing up in the wee hours of the morning,

Well, it looks like my iTunes Media folder is really consolodated. I guess I thought it was all along, but the second button in "Organize Library" which is "Upgrade to iTunes Media Organization" was greyed out, so I guess it really wasn't organized by iTunes....or something? Anyway, I just synced my iPod and I didn't see any of the infamous "File Not Found" errors.

Additionally, I'm almost done watching my episode of Firefly with no BSODs yet. Yay for things going right....after three hours of fixing broken crap!

(One last note: I like how iTunes now moved the Movie and TV Shows folders out of Music. Also, there's an interesting "Automatically add to iTunes" folder, which could be useful.)

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