Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PEM and PortableFreeware

I duly love PortableFreeware. It is actually the source that I go to for freeware, even if I don't need something portable. Why? Because it's amazingly well organized, constantly updated, and has high standards.

I haven't submitted many of my FreewareWire programs to it though, since few of them are completely portable anyway. I have, though, submitted PEM, since it's whole purpose is being portable. I posted about it in late October '09, posting FreewareWire Software as an external reference. FreewareWire kind of fell to the sideline of my life, so that thread got no attention until March '10, when I posted asking why no one gave it any attention.

I got a response asking if it was better than CAFE, which happens to be PEM's main "competitor", also written in AHK. I responded with my opinion of the two being different, and I got another response about it being "not portable enough for me." After again responding to that and several other questions/comments being polite and courteous as I can, I let the thread sit and wait. That was in mid March '10.

Searching around the forum, I found that it had been discussed in late April '10, which gives me a bit more hope. However, it was referred to as "One that is not yet quite in the database (no time to do it today) but has been discussed is PEM." I know they handle a ton of freeware, so I'm not even going to complain about it...but it has been a month.

I do see the reasoning though. My programs are rough and unpolished, at least compared to normal freeware. But still......t'would be kinda nice. I guess I'll crack open my source and run through it all again to make sure everything's solid. I'm kinda out of ideas for new features. Maybe I'll look at Coffee for ideas. And come up with a better name/icon. (Anyone has ideas/artist talent, please let me know.)


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