Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peppermint OS: Intro

I happened to be browsing Distrowatch when I happened to glance upon Peppermint OS, a distro that actually just launched late May, so it's only been around for about a month and a half. The thing about Peppermint is that it's supposed to be geared toward cloud computing, which is what I've been kind of yearning after for my netbook. But what might be different than other cloud OSs is what the Peppermint team states in the About section of their site:
People have been trying to create an effective web centric operating system for years now....On the downside of things, these systems, though great for surfing the web, lack a lot of the familiarity that people demand from something they use on a day to day basis.
So hopefully that means that Peppermint will be a system built around cloud computing, but also can do day to day stuff.

First impression in VirtualBox: it's......not Openbox? I was expecting Openbox. I'm still extremely unsure as to what the heck a Window Manager is compared to a Desktop Environment, but I really don't understand how Peppermint can have both Openbox and LXDE...but I guess it does. I have mixed emotions about this because I kind of like Openbox, but I'm not a fan of GNOME and LXDE XFCE is what I call "GNOME Jr."

But besides being thrown a little off guard by that, I was pleasantly surprised. It apparently utilizes a ton of Mozilla Prism, which is great. It's got PCManFM, Firefox, and Dropbox all preinstalled, which is amazing, and plus, it apparently incorporates pretty much every website you can think of from music to social networking to G(oogle)Office.

The thing that worried me a tad is that the ISO is ~450MB, which is not the lightest thing in the world. (Meh, right now, it's right between Lubuntu and Arch in my ISO folder). And on the aforementioned about page, the system requirement is 4GB....that's honking big. That's freakin' Ubuntu big. I don't want that. But they do go on to say "(this is an overestimate just for good measure)". I really, really hope it's more like 2GB base install, leaving 2GB for extra programs, but we'll see.

I'm going to go ahead and admit, one main reason I realize I'm drawn to this is because it's red and black. And I love red and black. But the whole cloud computing, "Loads and Shuts down in Seconds", and all the other good stuff is kewl too.

I'n't that sweet?

Just finished installing it in VB (which had a really fast install, BTW) and it currently sits at 1.4GB, which I'm content with. If it stays down that low. Check my vOmniMachine post if you want to see if I got Guest Additions working, and for a screenshot.

It's got an 40 second bootup and an 10 second shutdown on 700MB of RAM. Good, but not great.

One last thing: I've never actually played any Resident Evil games (shameful, I know)....but still, doesn't the Peppermint icon look a ton like the Umbrella Corporation logo? Hopefully just coincidence...

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