Friday, June 4, 2010

Seesmic rivals Echofon for iTouch

There are a ton of Twitter clients in the App store. Picking one took a good while for me, comparing featuers and figuring out just what I wanted. I finally settled on Echofon which I had heard of for a while for Firefox. Echofon does literally everything I want. It can have multiple accounts, loads your timeline, your @ mentions, your Direct Messages, supports photos and location, and even has an address book or sorts for your Twitter followees/followers. It also has Push, which I believe is only available in the Premium version, separates read from unread (vaguely), and even has a few themes, so I can theme accounts differently and never Tweet something to the wrong one.

The other day I started up the App store (which I don't even do anymore since I jailbroke Red) and saw that Seesmic had actually released an app. I had known Seesmic before when I had been looking for a desktop program for Twitter, and I actually loved it, even though I didn't end out using it long-term. So I downloaded it and tossed it to my last page, thinking that I might try it out. I even remembered incorrectly that it was an RSS reader, since I browsed desktop RSS readers at the same time. Anyway, after trying it out and being hesitant (since Seesmic actually has an unusual interface, due to the fact it's built on Adobe AIR), but after a little while, I'm very seriously considering switching from Echofon to Seesmic. And also a note, Twitter fairly recently also released an app.

Echofon Seesmic Twitter
2+ accounts 8 accounts 2+ accounts
Timeline Timeline Timeline
View @ View @ View @
View/Compose DM View/Compose DM View/Compose DM
Photos (3 choices) Photos (6 choices) Photos (7 choices)
Location Location Location
URL shorten (bitly) URL shorten (bitly) URL shorten (6 choices)
Highlight own Highlight own Align own
Contact List Contact List
Themes (4)
Push (in premium)
Search Timeline Search Timeline Search Timeline
Search Twitter+Nearby Search Twitter Search Twitter+Nearby
Separate unread ??? ???
Favorites Favorites Favorites
Ad-free Ad-free
Browser Sync

Obviously one of them has a bit more features, and I'm not ignoring that. But another one of the key features of Seesmic is that you can add Twitter and Facebook accounts. (And also, but I don't use that so for the purposes of this post, it's irrelevant.)
It's a close call, quite honestly. Twitter is even great, which I was kind of surprised by. I still kind of like Echofon's look and feel compared to Twitter's own app, but it's nice to have variety.

For: The main reason I have for switching to Seesmic is because it can post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time and I currently have an entire app (Duo) dedicated solely to that, so I could get rid of that. But then I still need the Facebook App since Seesmic can only read your news feed and post updates.
Another reason is syncing between the desktop and the iPod app in the future. I'm not really a fan of Echofon for the web browser, but I do love Seesmic Desktop.

Cons: Really the only thing I miss is Echofon's contact list. I love that you can type "@can" and it will show all the users that start with "can" like "caniquoteyou", similar to Facebook. Also, I love that  there's an actually contact list that you can search and scroll through, and pick from that list to @ or DM.

Again, there are tons of Twitter apps out there and compiling a list of all of them would take a while. Echofon was just the #1 of all the ones I looked at. I know there's an Echofon for Facebook app as well, and maybe one day they'll merge them and I won't have to make a decision about changing. Till then, I'll just have to choose a favorite.

Tweeting in multiple fashions,

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