Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sudden Surge for FreewareWire Software

A little while ago, I logged in to FreewareWire (which I do every now and then to keep my free file host active) and I happened to notice that I got a huge surge of visitors overnight. (And by "huge", I mean 10 times more than the day before.) And by the way, this was taken at 3PM.

It's happened several times before when people write about my freeware on their sites, or even mention it. So looking at the sources, I found that noneother than Shell Extension City linked to me about IE Lights.

So then I went to my file host, FileAve and checked if anyone downloaded anything. That's what really surprised me.

As you can see, I normally don't get much traffic. All of the files I host are fairly small, so even the 1.05 MB on the 24th is probably several downloads. But holy cow, 325MB. Considering the fact that I usually don't "use" even 1% of my daily bandwidth and then all of the sudden, I get 31%, I mean, that's just pretty crazy.

Anyway, the weirdest thing is that I don't even host IE Lights. I couldn't remember if I was temporarily hosting IE Lights and maybe people stormed it. But checking my files, the only program I host other than my own is LAN Messenger by Madhavan, but I don't even have a link to that on FreewareWire anymore. (Plus it's only 200kb, which means it would have to be downloaded over 1,500 times to fulfill the 325MB.)

It still kind of confuses and intrigues me. I really wish I could know what people were downloading. I mean, all of my programs are ~200KB zipped, meaning that between PEM, Skeys, Dropper, Listmas, and Mojolauncher (in order of probably popularity), each of them averaged being downloaded 300 times each....before 3PM. The only larger one is StartupSaver at ~500KB, but still. That's hundreds of times for each program, or even 1500 times for one. It's just crazy. Well, for how unpopular my software usually is.


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