Friday, June 4, 2010


If you don't know (which I would not be surprised nor insulted), I have a very small twitter called Caniquoteyou for the funny quotes I hear. I usually hear several quotes in one day, but then can sometimes go for a week or two without any more, so I don't like to post all of them at once. I was wondering if I could schedule tweets for the future, and I came across Twuffer.

Twuffer (which stands for "Twitter buffer") felt really great to me right from the beginning. I mean, it has a "Beta" tag slapped right on the side of the logo; remind you of anyone? Anyway, I also liked the fact that it takes your Twitter username and password, as some of the other sites I found required you to sign up with an account with them just to use it. With Twuffer, all you have to do is enter your Twitter info, click "Login" and boom, you're ready to get Twuffering.

From there it's very straightforward. Enter a tweet, choose a day and time, and hit "set status!" You can also view your queued and sent tweets and delete either. And lastly, it shows "Actual Time" on all sent tweets, which is only visible to you.

Twuffer's cool with me. I can schedule a weeks' worth of tweets and then not worry about it. And it remembers my account as well, so I can log in later and delete queued tweets.

Keep on Twuffin'

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