Thursday, July 29, 2010

Autohotkey Function to help with GUI resizing

This is a still a work in progress, but it's a function a la, polyethene's Anchor function for anchoring controls to the bottom right of the window. I just felt like I had an idea for doing it and I wrote it out so maybe I can start using it in my scripts.

 ;Do what you will if the GUI is not a positive integer.
 ifnotinstring, A_ThisLabel,guisize
  return, 404
 Stringreplace, guinum,A_ThisLabel,guisize
 if !(guinum>0)
  return, 405
 gui %guinum%: +lastfound

 ;If this control hasn't been initialized yet....
 if !%controlname%_start
  Wingetpos, %controlname%_win_last_X,%controlname%_win_last_Y,%controlname%_win_last_W,%controlname%_win_last_H, ahk_id %GUI_ID%
  guicontrolget, %controlname%_last_, pos,%controlname%

 ;Get the current positions and adjust them.
 Wingetpos, %controlname%_win_X,%controlname%_win_Y,%controlname%_win_W,%controlname%_win_H, ahk_id %GUI_ID%
 guicontrolget, %controlname%_, pos,%controlname%
 ifinstring, options, w
  %controlname%_w := %controlname%_win_w - ( %controlname%_win_last_w - %controlname%_last_w )
 ifinstring, options, h
  %controlname%_h := %controlname%_win_h - ( %controlname%_win_last_h - %controlname%_last_h )
 ifinstring, options, x
  %controlname%_x := %controlname%_win_w - ( %controlname%_win_last_w - %controlname%_last_x - %controlname%_last_w ) - %controlname%_w
 ifinstring, options, y
;~   ifinstring, options, h
   %controlname%_y := %controlname%_win_h - ( %controlname%_win_last_h - %controlname%_last_y - %controlname%_last_h ) - %controlname%_h
;~   Else
;~    %controlname%_y := %controlname%_win_h - ( %controlname%_win_last_h - %controlname%_last_y)

 ;Aaaaaand move it.
 guicontrol, move,%controlname%,% "w" %controlname%_w . " h" . %controlname%_h . " x" . %controlname%_x . " y" . %controlname%_y

 ;Sets the new parameters of this time to be the old parameters of next time
 %controlname%_win_last_w := %controlname%_win_w
 %controlname%_last_w := %controlname%_w
 %controlname%_win_last_h := %controlname%_win_h
 %controlname%_last_h := %controlname%_h
 %controlname%_win_last_x := %controlname%_win_x
 %controlname%_last_x := %controlname%_x
 %controlname%_win_last_y := %controlname%_win_y
 %controlname%_last_y := %controlname%_y

I realize that polyethene's function is probably 10x more reliable and efficient, but meh. It works the exact same way: call the function after your Guisize label for every one of the controls you want it to effect. The options can be a varation of 'x', 'y', 'w', and 'h', and you can just run them together. like 'xw'. x and y will keep the control the same distance from the bottom right corner, and w and h will do the width and height.

Use it in whatever the heck you want, as long as you include a small comment in your code saying "This isn't mine, here's where I got it."

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