Saturday, July 17, 2010

Call for help: PEM in C++

One of my goals for this summer was to begin learning C++, since I don't have almost any training in formal programming languages, just scripting like Autohotkey, Windows Batch, and barely any Linux Bash. Because I like to get my hands dirty in code rather than read a textbook (which is a bad study habit, I know), I decided that I'd try to convert PEM from Autohotkey to C++. I quickly found out I'm out of my league. I got most of the GUI designed, then turned to trying to actually write the program, and got lost from there.

So to cut to the point, I think I need some guidance. Or maybe just help in general. If anyone out there wants to partner with me to re-write PEM in C++, please send me an e-mail to the address I'll list at the bottom at this post. If you're a programmer by trade and want to help teach a newby, that's awesome. Or if you're on your way to become a programmer but farther along than me, that's great as well. Or if you just know Autohotkey and are also interested in transitioning to C++, that's cool too. I'm not picky in the slightest. The only requirement is that I've got to find at least one person that knows what they're doing or else it will turn from me being confused and frustrated to me and a few other people all confused and frustrated.

I believe I'm fairly easy to reach. I'm use Gmail, gTalk, AIM, YIM, MSN, or any other free service you think might work best to communicate. This really isn't a job or position so there would be no payment, but also no obligation (if you need to back out at any time, you can). I feel like I'm pretty good at the coding I know, but there are many things that a programming language has that a scripting language lacks (like variable types...).

That's about all I can think of. I know that I don't get a ton of readers on this blog because it's frankly as boring as crap, but I figured that it's worth a shot.


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