Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CheckSwagRandom & InChromeNito: new programs written in AHK

I've recently been trying to polish and publish all my programs that are stable enough that I use, but not clean enough to be available to everyone. So I finally wrote out a good version of Randomizer, and now I've tweaked and uploaded two more programs that I've had for quite some time.

CheckSwagrandom: Swagbucks Random Winner Checker
Should be obvious what it does....if you use Swagbucks, you know they have a random winner they post every 30 minutes on their website. CheckSwagRandom (or CSR) checks for you and tells you if you happen to be the winner.

InChromeNito: Google Chrome mode launcher
Chrome has the ever useful Incognito mode, which is wonderful, but lacks a certain feature that I felt could be very useful: a hotkey. If you hold down a certain hotkey while launchign InChromeNito, it will launch Chrome in Incognito, and if no key is pressed, it launches normally.

They're definitely not as advanced as PEM or Skeys (which happen to be my favorites), but I figured that I should just start putting up all my programs, or at least the ones I "finish".

As always, checking out FreewareWire Software will yield a much more complete overview of all my programs.

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