Friday, July 30, 2010

Firefox bookmarks and the lack of sorting of such

As I've said before, two things I constantly have trouble keeping organized is my Start Menu and my browser bookmarks. I recently cleaned my Start Menu amazingly so, even making it easier to clean in the future by actually telling my system that the actual Start Menu folder is inside a folder called "~Unsorted" inside what is actually my Start Menu. Ah, the beauties of having bbLean and not being tied down by Microsoft's crap-splorer.

Anyway, my Firefox bookmarks have long been in the works of cleaning. The thing is, I let them go for so long that there are sometimes 4 of the same bookmark in several places and bookmarks that I placed literally years ago that I don't even remember why I bookmarked. So I'm trying to change that.

I said in another post that the best way I've found to keep my bookmarks clean is to always keep them on the screen so that I'm always aware of how many I have. This is true. Except it makes browsing the internet really freaking annoying. I just moved all of my unsorted bookmarks onto my Bookmarks bar, (which was actually quite a task since they were spread about between folders and 'Unsorted Bookmarks', and I currently have 5 full rows of bookmarks and probably about 2 dozen folders that contain about probably a dozen bookmarks each on average, one of which that is even named 'Crap I still need to look at before organizing'. That's probably like 300 bookmarks right there.

The thing is, I'm really bad at it, and frankly, the urge to click the bookmark icon once and leave it in Unsorted is often too great for me, so this type of shenanigans in the Bookmark Bar is necessary for me. The problem is -as I said before- it makes using my web browser almost unbearable. Maybe it's because I'm slightly OCD, but it bugs me every second my browser is open with 5 rows of bookmarks. I've never liked having toolbars, but I never expected having a ton of space taken up would be like having a crooked picture on the wall.

Nonetheless, it will definitely help me get them sorted since I can't stand browsing like this. Here's a pic for fun. Maybe you can have fun by looking through the favicons or something, I dunno.

[UPDATE] Ok, it's up to 8 rows, 378 bookmarks not counting all in the folders. This will take a while.

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