Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free MIT lecture series: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

I was very surprised when I stumbled onto this. I've tried to listen through one past college series, in which the guy used Scheme (which caused Scheme to be the first real programming language I ever laid my hands on), but then I could find pretty much anything past the third episode. This one looks promising because the guy seems to be making alot more sense, since last time he seemed to be talking about extremely basic stuff, but then jumped straight into using Scheme, which took me forever to get set up.

Anyway, there's all 24 lectures on Youtube, about an hour each, and I'm hoping I can get myself to sit down and watch all of them. He already mentioned that Python would be the language used throughout the course, which made me do a fist pump and yell "YESS!!!" outloud.

Maybe I'll keep track of where I am in the series in this post, maybe not. If you want to check it out, click here. If I do finish it, I'll definitely write a few posts about what I learned and about the series itself.

Aspiring Computer Programmer,

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