Sunday, July 18, 2010

FreewareWire gets spam mail

I usually wouldn't post about this, but it really tickled me when I read it. Here's an e-mail I got for FreewareWire a couple weeks back (product names have been censored):

Dear Editors,

I would like to draw your attention to ProductName, our software tool for USB drives. I realize that you receive hundreds of review requests daily, but I believe that you will consider our solution as an exceptional tool that is worth yours and your readers’ time.
I really am not for one on robot-generated e-mails, but this one really made me laugh. Especially the part about "hundreds of review requests daily." I've gotten about 5 since I first started FreewareWire. Obviously the robot that sent me this e-mail didn't notice that my last post was back in January, so I'm probably not going to get around to checking their software. Honestly, if and when I do start up again, I'm going to avoid people who spam me generic e-mails and probably check out the few that actually correspond with me as human beings.

Catering to his hundreds of daily (nonexistent) readers,

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