Monday, July 26, 2010

I organized my Start Menu!

My Start Menu has been really cluttered for a long time, so I finally decided to organize it. It actually didn't take that long, I was actually putting it off because I've been wanting to write a Start Menu organizer program, but I still can't figure out the UI behind it.

Anyway, it's nicely done! I'm quite proud.....for now. I am probably going to write a quick program that I'll have running all the time that will scan my Start Menu and prompt me for action every time it senses a new folder or file, but this one might be in Python, depending on how much I can pick it up.

Here's a pic, with notes:
  1. I use bbLean so that menu is not Windows Explorer, hence the lack of icons, the custom entries, and the scroll bar.
  2. The window below is Q-dir, my favorite file manager.
  3. Yeah, I was watching a movie whilst organizing. It was Special, and it was.......well, 'special'.

Now if only I could finish my bookmarks...

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