Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Left4Dead Plushies

A while ago (May 3rd, to be precise) I heard about Valve selling a Boomer plush via the Woot! community. I went to check it out at the Valve store, and it really is not my cup-o-tea. It honestly doesn't look anything like the boomer in the game, but instead looks like a very chubby Elvis with three green bumps on his belly. But what caught my attention is the text "First of five special infected plush designs. Coming Soon!"

The reason for this post is that the Boomer went up at the very beginning of May; it's midway through July. I don't know what the hell Valve is thinking, but apparently releasing plushies every 2.5-3 months is "Soon". Since I'm guessing that each plush will be released one after the other and if they continue the slowpokey schedule they've already decided to take, the last on the list (Tank) won't be released until between mid May and the beginning of August of next year. Now don't get me wrong, I'll a patient guy, but a year seems a tad long to string out a bunch of plushies. Besides, Left4Dead 2 was released in November '09, and Left4Dead was only about a year before that, that puts Left4Dead 3 (which Valve would be stupid to not continue in the franchise) at November '10, meaning that the plushies will keep releasing up through Left4Dead 3, even up to 5 months after it's been out. I guess it just seems kind of delayed, especially realizing the fact that all 5 of the special infected are just the ones from Left4Dead, so no Jockey, Charger, or Spitter.

The thing that pisses me off is just the anticipation. I honestly have only a 9% chance of actually buying any of the plushies just because the Boomer came out at a whopping $50. Unless that sucker is close to life-size, it's way overpriced. But I would love to to just see the other choices as they become available, especially since the Boomer has never been my favorite character, and were the Witch or Hunter cool enough, I might buy them. (The Witch is even next in line, for Christ's sake!)

It's just absurd. The only, only reason I can think of Valve waiting so long is that they're going to sell through every doll one at a time, and the Boomer is not quote flying off the shelves like they thought it would. Well Valve, I honestly think that this whole little scheme is costing you money, since if you had released the plushies like a week apart, I would have either bought the Witch and a few other things, or just the few other things (since I'm waiting....for free shipping).

I do see that ol' Boomer's price has dropped from $50 to $35. Still outrageous, in my opinion, but it might be symbolizing that it's time to move on. I'm just getting sick of checking back.

Fighting the plushie apocalypse,

PS - In case you were wondering (which I know you weren't) and for my own future reference, the other items I'm planning on buying from Valve's store are the L4D2 Poster Kit or the L4D Poster Kit, the Portal Weighted Companion Cube Mouse Pad and possibly the L4D2 Logo Hat. That's $28/$47 right thar.

[UPDATE 10-3-10]
Happy 6 Month Anniversary, Boomer Plushie! Another 6 months and you might just lose the "New" sticker! Let's see if it can outlast Half Life 2: Episode 3, Valve! If I'm lucky, I might be able to buy the Tank plushie for my grandchild! #StopBeingStupidValve

[Update 12-30-10]
Well, it looks like they've finally moved on. On December 18th, Valve released the Hunter and Tank. So that brings the total time for the Boomer to 7 months and 15 days, or a total of 229 days. Just in time for Christmas -except not. My brother actually came up to me and said "I thought about getting you the Hunter, but I just came out." on Christmas day. Don't worry though, he got me a wicked-ass L4D shirt off ThinkGeek. And ThinkGeek isn't supposed to get the other plushies until March of '11. But they're available in the Valve store now, and my birthday is in January.....*coughBuyMeOnecough*

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