Monday, July 12, 2010


I talked a while ago about Simplenote and how there were no Windows apps that supported it, and I was surprised to find that someone commented on that post and mentioned ResophNotes, a free program initially released late June of '10 that does exactly that. I haven't used ResophNotes for that long, so I guess this is a bit of a "first impressions" post, but I'll give it my best go. Also, if you don't use Simplenote, Resoph can also be useful as just an offline note-keeping app.But Simplenote is what really gives it its punch.

After the install the interface is very simple and easy to use, just like Simplenote. Setting up the sync was as easy as checking a box and entering in an e-mail address + password, and boom, all my notes are synced up. One thing that I like about Resoph more than Simplenote itself is that Resoph is set up side-by-side so the list of notes is on the left and the selected note is on the right. Maybe it's personal preference, but I like this more. But then if you prefer vertical orientation, Resoph has the choice for that as well, which is awesome.

It's also got neato features like 'Minimize to Tray' and 'Start Minimized', both of which make it very easy to keep Resoph running at all times and/or start it with Windows/Mac/Linux(?). Resoph's search also blows Simplenote's out of the water, since it's faster and highlights the found word(s). In addition it has 'E-mail' and 'Print' options, which I have not used, but sound incredibly useful. Lastly, it has a 'Backup' and 'Restore' feature that sound relatively new, but could be reallly, really useful in the future, especially if the creator threw in an auto-backup feature.

The only thing I can really find a problem with in terms of Resoph is resources. The ResophNotes folder in Program Files is 14MB, but almost all of that is Qt and SSL. SSL is mandatory for use with Simplenote and Qt is nice because it allows it to be cross platform, but it does add a ton of weight. I think all the Qt stuff accounts for about 12MB of the 14MB install.

But beyond disk space, Resoph seems to be a tad.....jumpy with memory. The first time I synced, I had about 11 notes on Simplenote, and I saw Resoph climb to about 24MB of RAM. What easily makes up for that is that as soon as you minimize Resoph to the tray it drops to 1-2MB of RAM. And after bringing it back from the tray, it stayed around 6MB, which is fine. But anyway, it seems to be a little chunky sometimes, from 8-10MB.....kinda heavy for a Notepad with online sync. Again, that probably attributes to Qt and SSL.

All of that said, Resoph is a sight for sore eyes. Resoph is extremely new, less than a month ATTOTP (at the time of this post) and by the Changelog, the original release was on June 13, so the developer practically made the program in a month. So I definitely don't expect it to be perfect or have all the kinks worked out. Like I said, resources seem to be the biggest "flaw" (in quotes, because that term is far too harsh), and nowadays, 10-20MB is really nothing, especially for having a wonderful Desktop Simplenote app, especially one that outperforms Simplenote itself (in my opinion).

ResophNotes looks wonderful, and since it's new, I expect many great things in the future. Really the only thing it needs to make it completely awesome is folder sync, like Resoph will sync with text files in a folder. I just found that it syncs with an XML file that is apparently encoded which is wonderful, but a folder with individual files for those of us who need less local security would be cool too, especially since there's no password to start up Resoph.

Anyway, I wish best of luck to the developer. It's already been listed on the Simplenote Extras page, and I say kudos!

Still taking notes, cross platform this time,

[UPDATE 9-16-10] Well, I finally got around to downloading the new version (ATTOTP, 1.0.12), and it has FOLDER SYNC! Yes! It now has everything that I wanted! Unfortunately, Simplenote has stepped its game up and added a few features, so ResophNotes is a little behind. While Simplenote has annoying ads on it's website and apps now, it also has three new features: Tags, Pinning, and Revision History. Revision History is kinda nice, but I really hope Resoph gets Tags and Pinning eventually. Even without them, I honestly use Resoph more than the Simplenotes site. Why? Because if I leave Resoph running in my tray, it's ten times faster to access it than to bring up the Simplenote website, even if I were to leave it open in a tab all the time (plus it would be annoying). On top of that, since it can sync to a folder of text files now, I'll use that to my advantage in....ways.....ok, I haven't thought of any yet, but I know it will come in handy in the future.

Again: kudos, ResophNotes!

[UPDATE 10-14-10] ResophNotes now has (and has had for almost a month) tag support! Check off one more feature that's needed to catch up to Simplenote itself! Now all that's left is Pinning and Revision History.

On a more negative note, I've noticed that ResophNotes has been having troubles syncing some of my notes; it will create a duplicate with some random jargon at the end, or make the title repeat twice. I'm almost positive this is because I use Folder Sync instead of the one encrypted file, but it's still a tad disappointing. Not enough to make me dislike Resoph even in the slightest, but still disappointing.


  1. I also love ResophNotes. Started using it about a week ago. Just updated it to latest release (v1.1.5 on 10/14/10).

    Don't know what you mean about it not having tags though. There is tagging. I just emailed the developer to make tagging a little easier, rather than having the little box to choose tags that requires you to scroll to your tag, which can get cumbersome, especially since the tags aren't automatically alphabetized.

  2. Anonymous,

    Tag support was recent; it still has the "New" button on the ResophNotes home page. It was released in 1.1.1, two weeks after I made the update, and I didn't feel like making another update just to say "ResophNotes now has tag support," though in hindsight, I guess I could have. Guess I'll do that now.

  3. Great post(s).

    Thanks for doing the leg work to figure out that it uses QT. I really think it's a great looking app, despite the overhead.

    I was REALLY upset with the Apple's IOS notepad when I tried to enable GMail backup for it on an iPod Touch, the feature that made me switch to SimpeNotes on my iPhone. Apple was just plain silly in not allowing iPod Touch users the same safety IOS 4 brought to their notepad. If possession is 9/10ths of the law, I'm just not into Apple owning 90% of my notes.

    I just started using ResophNotes; the JustNotes app I used on my Mac was was OK but, it really had problems syncing with SimpleNotes. I like the austerity of Notational Velocity but I'm sold on ResophNotes. I'm still using XP so those Jedi Aero UI-tricks have no effect on me.

    The only thing I want now is the option to go private and use another server besides the public one SimpleNotes requires. Maybe encryption would work; it's not that I don't trust them; it's just that privacy matters more than I care to have to trust any company.

  4. Anonymous,

    I'm not entirely sure about what you mean by a private server. Both SimpleNote and ResophNotes use SSL which is encryption. But I do understand wanting to keep your privacy.

  5. I abandoned Simplenote and use ResophNotes to read my Dropbox folder. Dropbox does the syncing work and ResophNotes accesses the files on Windows or Linux computers, using Notesy on iOS.

    Wonderful notes solution.

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