Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video Game Pressure

I find it weird that people suggest video games. Movies make sense, even music, if it's along the same lines. But video games, unless you are bored and have nothing exciting to play (which -if you own Luigi's Mansion- should never be the case), it just seems weird to have people say "Dude, you should play this game." I guess it's because video games aren't like music, which takes maybe an hour to listen to an album, or a movie, that takes 3 hours tops to watch. Most video games -check that, most good video games take a good while for you to fully appreciate them. Most games that you have said to have "played" take at least 4 hours, otherwise it's more of a "played it once/a little" type of deal.

Anyway, I'm getting caught up. If you haven't ever clicked the "Games!" page somewhere on this blarg, you might not know that I'm not very good at start a game and playing it through till the finish. I currently have Dead Space about 50% done, S.T.A.L.K.E.R about 1% in, Overlord at probably 30%, and Bioshock....well, I don't even want to talk about Bioshock. The point is, I just have a difficult time not getting distracted, especially when I run into a difficult part (like Dead Space) or Steam gets a good deal (like how I started Overlord right after starting Bioshock).

So when people come up and say "Dude, you should try playing Team Fortress 2/1", I really don't know what to say. Hell, I own both Team Fortress 1 and 2, both of which I got in bundles, though I've never played either of them. But if I were to start, then it'd be another game to heap on the pile. Then another gamer suggested I look into GunZ, Maple Story, and another title I can't recall at this point. I am only one man! It doesn't help that every time I start a new game, I eventually see my Left4Dead 2 icon in my RocketDock and quickly lose the time I was going to conquer stuff in Overlord to an entire night/morning of Versus/Scavenge.

I need to think up a good way to tell people "Look, I've got enough games lined up, some of which I bought but haven't even downloaded yet. Come back in a year or two." Only without insulting them and sounding like an egotistical prick.

All your games are belong to me,

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