Saturday, August 7, 2010

Askless installing

Everyone's installed a program at some time, and everyone's been through the classic wizard. I have to tell you, one thing that I hate is when programs don't ask me before installing stuff. When I run an installer, the only thing that is default should be the program itself. Other than that, I would like to be asked the following:
  • Where to install the program
  • Whether or not to create a Start Menu folder
  • Where to create the Start Menu Folder
  • Whether or not to create a Quicklaunch entry (Spoiler alert: it's always no)
  • Whether or not to create Desktop icon (also always no)
  • What file associations to associate, if applicable
Nothing pisses me of more when I install a program and find my desktop being polluted, or I try to open an RTF file and some stupid office suite thought I would like it to be the default. No, you ask me. On everything. That means you, Quicktime.

I realize that alot of developers just give Zips instead of installers, but the whole point of an installer is that it's supposed to be easy and supposed to incorporate that program into your system. Having to unzip, go to the folder, then create a shortcut and move it to your Start Menu/Desktop is very tedious.

I'm very tempted to write my own install in Autohotkey. It wouldn't be that hard, but it would be kinda tedious. I know there are programs out there to create installers, but it still blows my mind that some don't ask you about some of this stuff, or they ask you if you want a Start Menu group but don't ask where you want it. That's how a system can get junked quickly.

Expressing my pet peeves one post at a time,

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