Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Battle for Wesnoth on iOS

I heard about this a while ago and I was ecstatic. Yes, one of my absolutely favorite video games and my favorite turn-by-turn strategy, free and open source The Battle for Wesnoth is available on iOS in the App Store. How awesome is this? Pretty freaking awesome. This is actually one of the most appealing things I've heard of in terms of the iPad yet.

But you'll notice something pretty quick: the $5 price tag. Now this might seem very weird to you: a free, cross-platform game that is ported to the App store suddenly has a price tag? First, let me say that this just proves that things that would be freeware on a PC can bring in bucks in the App store. But secondly and more importantly, let me ask and answer the question "Is it worth the five dollars?" Absolutely yes. I haven't actually bought the iOS version yet because I'm trying to keep myself from frivolous spending recently, but if it is just like the desktop version (which it promises it is), then it is awesome and therefore worthy of your money.

Buy it. Now. Or if you don't want to but you still have $5 to get rid of, send it to me so I can buy this absolutely freaking amazing game.

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