Monday, August 2, 2010

Mozilla Store shipping prices

I won't bore you with a backstory, like how I never expected to keep my last car for very long so I never put any bumper stickers on it but I've always wanted to and now that I have a car I want to keep for a while I'm hunting down all the stickers for the things I love, but one of the things that instantly came to mind when it comes to things I love is Firefox. And I knew that Mozilla has a store, so I decided to head on over there for a looksee.

I know that the shirts might be a tad expensive, that I get. So I decided to try to snag a 3 pack of stickers, which are cheap at only $4.83 on sale, $6.04 regularly. And since they are flat and can fit in an envelope, they should be cheap to ship, right? Wrong. I walk through creating a Mozilla Store account and get to the screen where the shipping options are. I'm pretty sure I did a triple take at the prices. $12.08....for the cheapest option. The prices ranged even up to $194, just to ship a few stupid sheets of paper and glue.

Now this is not me being cheap. I understand that the reason you buy Mozilla store items is not only to show support for Firefox but also to send support for Firefox, in the form of money. I have no problem with that. I have no problem with TopatoCo, which is WAY overpriced, but I still bought from them because I know that the money is going to Jeph Jacques, writer of Questionable Content, a webcomic I receive in my feedreader every day, FOR FREE. So yes, I realize that when buying merch for things that are free to everyone, the prices might be higher just because you're also helping to support the product.

If those stickers were $15, I would have no problem. (I might not buy them then, just because I don't particularly like any of them a ton, though.) But that's just it. I'm paying $5 for the stickers and $15 to ship them. Assuming Mozilla is not trying to jip me of my money, that means that less than 25% of what I'm paying is actually going to support Firefox or the Mozilla Foundation. If the roles were reversed and the stickers were $15 and the shipping was $5, I would be ok with it because I would know that something like $10 was going straight to Mozilla. But instead, I'm basically wasting money to ship an item that doesn't really help Mozilla.

Yeah, it's rantish. But it pisses me off. Mozilla: I want to help you! If I wasn't a t-shirt addict, I might buy a tee as well, but at least let me buy a bumper sticker to put on my car. But I will not pay $20, when I know that only 1/10 of it will actually go to you.

I do realize that Mozilla's store is international so it might be located overseas, but seriously. Is it really that hard to have two stores, or more? Couldn't you just contract out making t-shirts and stickers what whatnot? And for godsakes, the Mozilla Foundation is located in California, so why their distributors are overseas is beyond me.

tl;dr - There will be a small, sad circle of my bumper that will not have a Firefox on it.

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