Saturday, August 7, 2010

My CPU runs really hot in safe mode

When I first built my PC, it ran a little hot (that and I had the temperature alarm set too low in the BIOS) so it was constantly beeping. I picked up another case fan and changed the BIOS setting and I haven't noticed any more beeps, other than a few times I've been playing Left4Dead 2 for a few hours and even then the beeps were not constant. So I thought the problem was solved. Until I booted into Safe Mode.

It scares me crapless. Every time I'm in Safe Mode, even by the Windows logo, it's beeping non-stop. I thought it might just be my motherboard doing something weird, so I ran SpeedFan and checked the temperatures, and they were high. (Around 75C, if I remember correctly, which is also in the range I set the BIOS to beep at.) It's really weird and now I'm deathly afraid to boot into Safe Mode to do anything because I might be risking my CPU.

I even re-applied the heatsink gel a while ago because I thought the stock stuff might be the problem. I may have put a little too much on, but it still runs a little cooler when not in Safe Mode. It's just weird. Maybe it has something to do with ACPI? Like it's not putting a cap on the processor speed so it's just taking off....I dunno. It's had no troubles booting into Windows 7 (the few times I have) or Crunchbang, or any other Linux distro I've used, that I can remember.

I thought I'd mention it, because that's what this diary is for: mention the good stuff that happens and report the bad so I can remember to try and fix it. Also, if anyone on the interwebz has ideas for fixes, I'd be much obliged.

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