Saturday, August 28, 2010

Netflix hits the App store

For quite a while, I've been using an app called PhoneFlicks that is a 3rd party Netflix queue manager. But I just learned today that Netflix itself finally released an app. Oh, and that app can watch movies on your iPhone. Part of me is saying "Finally!" and part of me is saying "Heck yes, this is awesome!"

First off, I'm a little dissapointed that Netflix still is too lazy to make an app that lets you organize your queue. The Netflix app pretty much only focuses on being able to watch movies and even though it allows you access to your Instant Queue, that really is only half the picture. It looks like I'm going to have to keep PhoneFlicks for now, and it's always more annoying to have two apps that could be combined to one.

Other than that, it's very straightforward. Once you sign in, you get a page for suggestions, a page for genres, a search, and your instant queue. You click watch, and you watch. I think the app is kinda slow, but it might just be iOS 4 on my 3Gs. You have to be connected to wither Wifi or 3G to stream the movie, but that honestly is not unreasonable to me. I've wanted Netflix on my iDevice for quite some time and all I ever asked is that they make the same functionality available on a computer available on my iPod/Phone. So yeah, some people might rage and say that it's absurd it can't store vidoes offline for viewing when you're in a place with no reception. But to them I say, big whoop. It does exactly what the computer version does and now you have another way to have Netflix everywhere, in addition to your DVD player, your computer, and your favorite gaming station.

I'm kinda psyched about it, but I don't have a data plan because I'm poor, which means I will have to be connected to Wifi to watch any movies. I'm ok with this, but I don't think I'll be watching too many movies/TV shows any time soon on my iPhone.

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