Friday, August 6, 2010

Queued: Manage your Netflix from your desktop

To just jump right in, Queued is a wonderful program written in Adobe AIR to manage your Netflix right from the desktop. It has a very clean interface and runs very smoothly, arguably even more than the Netflix website. You can do almost everything from inside Queued from editing your Queue to searching for movies. It's also got the nifty feature of minimizing to your tray and the "At-home mini queue", which is a pop-up that shows what movies you've got at home and a search bar, so if you think of a movie you want to add, Netflix is never more than a double click away. Also something that should be noted is that Queued can manage your 'flix offline. Obviously alot of the functionality is gone since you need an internet connection to search and add new movies, but you can start up Queued, move things around in your Queue, and then it will resync when you have a connection again.

The good things about Queue is that it's very well designed in terms of UI, it's open source, and it's written in Adobe AIR so it's available on every platform that AIR is. The only bad thing I can think of would be the startup time, which can take a few seconds, and that Queue is very resource heavy. It used a peak of 115MB of RAM for me in a short session and usually lays around 50-100MB, even when minimized to the tray.

The thing that intrigues me about Queued is the company it's written by. SitePen is a company that writes tools and utilities for different languages, but all of them are for developers. So to see Queued in the midst of all the programming tools is a tad strange, but it's apparently a way for them to showcase their wonderful tools (which is a great idea, in my opinion).

Anyway, that's all. I'm finding that I love AIR apps, and finding Queued will probably send me on a little quest to find some useful ones.

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