Monday, August 30, 2010

Request: New name & icon for PEM

A while ago I went through and completely re-wrote the source for PEM, making it sooooo much cleaner, more efficient, and with several new key features. I ran into a snag so I kind of ran into a wall in terms of the next release, but this week, I picked it back up, untangled the snag, and am on my way to releasing PEM v1.0.

Version 1 is going to be great; Dropper will be integrated directly into the program, the RAM usage will be about 1/10 of past usage (hopefully), and overall, the program will just run smoother. The only problem is that I really want this to be used. I am a bit of a freeware fanatic, and I really don't know of that many apps besides Coffee/Cafe that do what PEM do. (I saw one other, but I can't remember the name.) So I want people to be able to use PEM if they need it.

And quite honestly, that means I need to make PEM presentable. The two things that need tweaking are the name and the icon. I really like how easy it is to say "Pehm", but "Portable Extension Manager" is a mouthful and "PEM" is just confusing. I need ideas for alternative names, like maybe something not quite as literal, like Coffee. I really don't want it to be completely random and preferably not an noun-animal (Firefox, Iceweasel, Thunderbird, Songbird, Musicbee, etc), but I just can't think of something that captures what PEM is and does.

Even apart from a new name, the icon really is not working for me. At the time, I made it because I thought it was "simple", and now it's more turned into "drab." So I need something new. I am absolutely terrible at graphic design. (Just take a look at the first PEM icon, or the StartupSaver icon, or any of my sites.....) I need someone to volunteer their artsy services to help me put a good face on PEM. I really can't compensate you monetarily, but I'll most definitely put your name in the Readme, the About window, and pretty much everywhere I can.

I really don't know if this request will reach anyone since DoaAN is neither popular or thrilling, but I guess it's worth a try. It would be so amazing if I could get these two things. If you think you can help with either one (even if it's just brainstorming about the name), e-mail me at, and if you know anyone with artsy skills that might be interested in doing something like this, please pass on the request to them.



  1. What about Pexman? Icon can be Pacman happily eating a file, or wearing a (portable, hah!) shopping bag. Or Pacman with a knife and fork, ready to taste a bit of random file from a plate.

    (Is this still actual at all? I'm asking since you've posted this quite a while ago already.)


  2. Bart!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! You are the first person to suggest one! It's definitely still a relevant issue, even if no one seemingly wants to help. (Or knows about it...)

    I really like the idea, except I'm betting that I could get in legal trouble with using Pacman as the icon. (Plus, there's the package management named Pacman, but then, what name HASN'T been taken yet?)

    Seriously, keep the ideas coming if you think up anymore. Either post them here or e-mail them to

    Thanks again!