Friday, August 6, 2010

Steriotypical program names

It confounds me to this day why this is still a practice. Let me give you a few clues:
JDownloader, jGnash, jGRASP, jEdit, Konqueror, Konsole, KTorrent, Kwrite, Korganizer, Kmail, Kcolorchooser, Kopete, Kontact, gedit, gnibbles, gcalctool...

People who name programs like that just because they are written in a certain language or for a specific desktop environment deserve to be dragged out into the street and shot. Ok, maybe not. But it's really freaking annoying. It makes it a little better if it kind of flows like "Konsole" rather than just sticking the letter in front like "JDownloader," but overall, people need to stop.
First off, it's extremely unoriginal. "It's a Downloader written in Java. What should we call it? Java + Downloader.....JDownloader! I'm going on break!" Apps like JakPod can pull it off because they don't stick a lowercase "j" before a word, with its only purpose being because it's written in Java.
Secondly and most importantly, it's hella confusing. I dare you to open up the Ubuntu Software Center and scroll down to the G's or K's and not groan. It makes the menu difficult to navigate, and honestly just makes it just fade in with the rest. And honestly, I think that's kind of what scared me alot when I switched. There's so many frikkin K and G programs. If you split them up, it wouldn't be so overwhelming.

Most programs and languages don't deal with this, but some really do. Datacrow, muCommander, RSSOwl, and OpenOffice are written in Java. You don't have to follow this dumb trend. Java is probably the best about it, and KDE is probably the worst. Some things are acceptible, like the libraries that are written for Java or things like Kubuntu, but it should be the exception, not the norm. You don't see programs always starting C that were written in C or C++ and same goes with Python.

ADVANTAGE: All KDE and GNOME apps are arranged together in alphabetical order/you can identify if a program is written in Java.
WEAKNESS: All your programs sound retarded.

On a related note, I even found a thread in the Ubuntu forums about just this, and I have to say, I'm really starting to get pissed off about people's whole "If you don't like it, don't use it/That's your opinion" deal. Yes, that is a good response to some problems, but when you throw it around to every little thing that people bring up, that's when you end up with a piece of crap that nobody except a few loyalists like.

And you might want to take that last note as a "I'm really sick of loyalists treating people like idiots who raise questions or complaints such as this, dismissing it as insignificant." Is it a huge problem that should be addressed right away? No. Is it stupid and should be changed over time? Yes. It is very stupid. Period.

PS - I'm not even going to talk about iApple's iCrap. That's just....too much stupidity for one post.

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