Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trading in for an iPhone 4/I think I hate the Gravity T

Hmm....an iPhone 4......
First off, let me address the immediate concern of a little post I made a little while back talking about the iPhone 4 and how I did not think it would "change everything again." I still very much believe that and I still cringe every time I see an ad that says that. But I don't dislike the iPhone 4. I've had an iPod Touch for 6 months and I've grown to loooooove it so much, and despite the fact that I hate the fact that everyone and their grandmother, literally has an iPhone, I really want one.

The reason I want an iPhone is mostly because I so sparingly use my phone that I figured that I might as well only carry around one device instead of two. Plus the mic and camera might be pretty sweet as well. Like I've said a thousand times, an iPhone to me is an iPod Touch with 3G capability (or basically Wi-fi anywhere) and phone stuff (like placing/receiving calls/texts). So if I love my iPod Touch currently, I don't see why I won't love an iPhone.

There's a few more things to mention though. First off, I don't want a data plan, mostly because I'm not exactly financially able to afford it but also because I really have no need for it/I wouldn't use it that much. Another thing to mention is that the sudden urge for an iPhone is that my family just switched to T-Mobile, so now I actually have a service that uses SIM cards *coughVerizoncough*. But the real catalyst to me wanting an iPhone is.....

I think I hate the Gravity T. I've only had it for one day, but I think I hate it. Why? It's slow, and unresponsive. I haven't posted about it yet, but I have a nav system that I hate with a burning passion in my car, and the main reason I hate it is because it's so freaking slow, and the same is true with the Gravity T. I mentioned this to my mother who acted like I was crazy, and maybe I am. But here's a comparison list anyway.
  • Almost everything you can think of takes 2 seconds. The screen lighting up when you slide it open. Going up a directory in Photos. Pressing "Back". Changing from vertical to horizontal. Loading one thumbnail of a 1600x1200 picture. Turning off the screen from pressing the lock button while it is locked. Returning back to the main menu by pressing the End button.
  • Occasionally it will take 3 seconds before it even receives your click (i.e., before the button lights up).
  • More than often, it won't even detect that you pressed a button. I'd say as much as 10%-15% of the time, for me.
  • Scrolling across home pages / down lists is extremely awkward. It seems like if you press you thumb on anything that is selectable, like a icon, it won't scroll the page. It's very jerky, especially when viewing a folder of pictures while the thumbs are loading; if you try to scroll down, it will either think you clicked a picture and view it or it will scroll down laggily (like scroll-stop-scroll-stop-scroll-stop), most of the time right past the row I wanted to see and when I pressed my finger down to try to stop it, it selected the picture my thumb was under.
  • Scrolling through menus like the "More" menu is very clumbsy and it will select things before I even lift my finger.
  • Sometimes scrolling just doesn't work, like it's an old computer working with too little RAM or a 500hz processor.
  • It takes literally 5 seconds from click to picture to presenting it, in a 1600x1200 pic.
  • You can't switch off Vibration feedback; even turning it to 0 still leaves a bit of vibration.
  • It will freeze up for a few seconds when typing on the keyboard, then unfreeze and send all the characters quickly, like squeezing a garden hose and then letting it go.
  • You either can't crop a picture other than a 2x zoom, or it's ambiguous, because I couldn't figure out how.

Again, that sounds crazy. My mother remarked "Oh, so what's the difference of one second?" But it really does add up. For god sakes, when you slide the phone open, it literally takes 2 seconds to turn on the screen then 2 more seconds to flip to horizontal; that's 4 seconds before you can even use your phone. Not everything is this slow all the time. Sometimes it will rotate in a decent time, but I'm just amazed that (a) everything in this phone can be slow at times, and (b) nothing is reliably fast.

To prove that I'm not crazy, here's a few reviews from places:
  • "touch response slow...often have to touch items multiple times to respond" -CNET 
  • "It's only resistive and lacks the accuracy of say, an iPod Touch." -CNET
  • "Sometimes slow" -CNET
  • "sluggish in the menus, often have to tap things multiple times to open...diffuculty scrolling... periodically" -CNET
  • "The screen lags, touch sensitivity is terrible...and the calibration is always off" -CNET
  • "Sluggish touch screen interface" -PCMAG
  • "This is the worst phone I have ever had my hands on. The scrolling is a joke. Attempt to scroll, it either activates where you touch, or it scrolls multiple pages." -Cell Phone Trek
  • "...the touch screen is a little slow to respond after you tap on a icon...Also when you turn on the phone, the messages have to load which means you cant open the inbox for 2 minutes which really bothered me also." -Yahoo answers
 I've never been one to want a great camera in a phone (I believe if you want a good camera, buy a camera), but the Gravity T has 2.0 megapixels. That's the same as my enV 2, which came out 2 years ago. The iPhone has a 5 megapixel camera, and it and the Gravity T are in a relatively close price range.
Plus the Gravity T doesn't even have a headphone jack. I mean, for god sakes, why even put a music feature in if all the user can use to listen to it is external speakers? I wouldn't say that normally, but I am comparing it to an iPhone.

Again, this is after having the phone for 1 day, so some of the stuff I say may be wrong or stupid. But I honestly wish I could keep my enV 2 rather than this piece of crap just because it's freaking responsive. My brother got the same model and he either thinks that my phone is different than his or that touch screen phones are supposed to be this way. I haven't even used this phone that much today, but every second that I have used it, I've hated it.

The bottom line is...
 I may be overreacting on how bad it is, but I know for a fact that an iPhone would be better. My plan is to sell my iPod Touch 3G 32GB of 6 months -which is in very good condition other than one hair crack in the screen (that you can't even see except when the screen is off/black) and some very minor scratches on the back- and my brand new Gravity T -extremely untouched other than riding in my pocket for today- for an iPhone. Well, technically, I'll have to buy the iPhone first since I will need to make sure I have a working phone. The only problem is that apparently no-contract iPhones run about $300 more than AT&T iPhones. If I can snag one on Craig's List for around $400 (which is $100 over the Apple store price), then all I have to do is sell my iPod for $200 and my Gravity T for $200 to break even. I'm hoping that will work out.

The only thing that worries me is that apparently the iPhone might come to T-Mobile. This could be good, but it also could be irrelevant. I could bet a thousands dollars that T-Mobile will make you buy an iPhone with a data plan, which I do not want, in which case it would be irrelevant and I'd still have to try to buy one off eBay or Craig's List. Or with iPhones in the US moving away from being only on AT&T, it could make it alot easier cheaper to buy an iPhone without a contract. Of course this all could be rumors like the Verizon iPhone seems to be, in which case I could end out waiting until early 2011 for nothing.

Oy. I'm going on a trip on (essentially) Friday, and I won't be back until the 23rd. I guess I'll have until then to think about it. I wish that I wouldn't have to take my Gravity with me just because I want it to remain in good condition for selling. But since I don't even use it much, maybe I can toss it in a suitcase and only pull it out occasionally.

If anyone on the internet has any tips for me or possibly an iPhone 4 they'd be willing to sell/trade, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail.

I am rethinking some things. First off, I might have been a bit harsh on the Gravity. Some of the things I said are still very valid, like the general lagginess, but things like the touch screen might just take getting used to; I'm too used to the iPod Touch's nice capacitive screen that is a glory to use, I'm not used to using a phone with receptive touch.

That being said, I still plan to sell it. Why? Well, here's the three reasons that I may have danced around initially:
  1. I don't use my phone much. At all. But I still need one for people to get a hold of me. So I'd like to have it "combined" with my iPod so I won't have to carry around two devices. TRANSLATION: The iPhone will be an MP3 Player + Phone, not a Phone + MP3 Player like most other people.
  2. No matter how much I may have exaggerated the cons of the Gravity, I still like my iPod Touch more, so I'd love an iPhone more.
  3. If I can sell my new phone that I got for free and my old iPod and get a brand new iPhone, then I'm basically getting a new MP3 player for free. TRANSLATION: If I see a phone that I like more and can get for free (with the money from selling the old), why wouldn't I want to do it?
 Only problem now is that I've discovered that iPhone 4s are ffffffffffffffreaking expensive. Sure, if you buy it with a plan, it's $300. But if you buy it without the plan, it's $700. There's no way I can sell my Gravity and iPod for $700. So here are my two options:
  1. I can go now and throw down $700 for a new iPhone 4 without a contract, most likely losing $300 in the process, or
  2. I can wait until T-mobile adds the iPhone, in which case I will probably have to buy a data plan, meaning $300 for the new iPhone + ~$650 for the cheapest data plan.
So I guess I might go with a 3GS. I can score a 32GB 3GS that is unlocked for $297 off a site called Zwee! (It's a scam) or Craigslist has them for close to that. I have to say, I'm a bit dissapointed, but honestly it does sound too good to be true: I wanted to sell my phone and old iPod for the newest iPod, while dodging the data plan? As much as I'd love to have an iPhone 4, I guess I just won't. I'm not crying too much over it, though. I would never use Face Time, all of the software updates are available on the 3GS via iOS4, and I already expressed my opinion about all the other "new" features. I will miss that new screen, though.....would've been nice.....and kind of the 5MP camera....but 3 is still better than 2, and I still don't need an actual camera.

One last thing to note is that T-Mobile still won't transfer my old phone number. My Verizon phone stopped working and my new one works on a new number, but it's really annoying that it hasn't transferred yet. I really hope that I can get it transferred, since switching my SIM to the iPhone may mess it up. (Hey, they asked for the phone's ID, not the SIM's.)

[UPDATE 8-12-10]
Well, I just bought my iPhone 3Gs on eBay....I spent literally all day and night and day looking. I'm really hoping that I don't try to get played and it's in good condition, but then that's just the danger of buying used things, and I sure as hell can't afford a new one. So now all that's left is to try to recoup my losses be selling my iPod and my Gravity.

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