Saturday, August 28, 2010

YourMusic cancellation

I finally quit YourMusic yesterday. My queue has been getting shorter and shorter in the last coming months and my next music date was the 30th, just three days away. I looked at the current title next in my Queue (Alter the Ending by Dashboard Confessional) which I realized that I definitely wanted the Deluxe Edition, since it's like twice as long with acoustics. But guess what: YourMusic did not have it. So I removed it from my queue and realized that it was now empty. I looked at my music wishlist and searched for the titles on YourMusic. It didn't have anything. Nothing.

So I cancelled. I wrote a pretty nasty parting comment for why I was leaving and I would post it here except it had some language and I didn't think to save it at the time. Basically I just said "Get a better selection and better customer service. I'll be at CDUniverse." The whole concept behind YourMusic is great: CDs for $7. Who doesn't want that? The snag you run into is that they don't have crap. Period. I'm really surprised I lasted as many months as I did.

So if you happened upon here by searching whether or not YourMusic is good, here's my advice: steer clear. If you absolutely must, look through there selection to make sure it actually has crap that you want, and then I would just recommend joining, buying everything in a cart, then leaving, because they rarely add new titles. (And "new" has different meaning with them, like "been out for two months".)

I feel free, financially and spiritually. Goodbye, and good riddance, YourMusic.

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