Monday, September 13, 2010

E-mail back in the day

Does anyone else remember when you actually had to ask people if they had an e-mail address? Man, that's weird. I'm pretty young, and even I remember when it wasn't assumed that everyone had e-mail. And even if they did, it usually ended in "," "," or even "" *shivers*

Nowadays, the question "What's your primary e-mail?" is more often asked (that's my guess, anyway). Because most people don't just have 1 e-mail address, they have several, not counting the separate ones they have for work and personal. Like me, I have 3 Gmails (counting FreewareWire), an AIM, 2 Yahoos, an (if it hasn't been deleted), a Hotmail, a Comcast, one for my community college, and one for my new college; so that totals 9 addresses, only 2 of which I actually check daily. (My main one and FreewareWire.)

Getting off topic....anyway, I just found it funny that "Are you on e-mail?" (whatever that even MEANS) or "Do you have an e-mail address?" were actually once valid questions. I think they've been replaced with "Are you on Facebook?"/"Do you have a Twitter?", and it looks like those two questions are going to be moot very quickly as well.

Right about now is the time a popular blog would say "What do you think? Do you still hear these questions? Do you think social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will be the next questions to lose meaning?", but then this is not a popular blog, and asking a question to readers on it is like excusing yourself after farting in an empty room: it's expected in the presence of others, but pointless when all alone. But just as well, if you actually have your own opinion about this, go ahead and feel free to leave a comment.

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