Friday, September 3, 2010

Qt windows are 2x the size of my screen

I've noticed this really weird bug, especially recently. When I open windows that are Qt, they are twice the size of my screen, so that half of them hang off the screen. I only have one monitor (regrettably) and although I have two more monitors available in my Display dialog (ZoneScreen and I guess the VGA/HDMI of my video card), both of the other two are disabled and aren't working, i.e., I don't "lose my mouse" to any sides of the screen so they aren't active.

But still for some reason, Qt opens some windows twice the size so I have to draaaaaaaaag them over to see the other half. It's really annoying. I guess it could be Qt, but I've noticed it with more than one app (Launchy, Rockbock Utility, and Win32DiskImager, to name a few), and I believe each one has their own copies of Qt, so it seems more like either a bug, or just something specific to my system.

Prepare for trouble and make it double,

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