Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shoutout: NoSleep

A while ago, I got absolutely fed up with dealing with paper homework managers. Do I write the assignment on the due date or the day it was assigned? If I write it on the due date, I forget about it until then. If I write it when it's assigned, it's hard to see what's going to be due first. Overall, I just thought it was a very, very inefficient way to manage my homework and study load. My very first thought was to write a software that I got about 50 lines of code in (I called it "StudyBuddy"), but I quickly decided that it would be loads better if it were a program for a handheld device (at that time, my Palm Zire 31) so I could pull it out at any time without having to only check it at home on my desktop or constantly be bringing my netbook out of standby.

So I stumbled on an absolutely amazing app called "DueYesterday". It was for the Palm OS, exhibited every feature I could want and more, and it was free. I quickly nabbed it up and installed it, and it saved my butt through several semesters of college. Eventually I decided to check out the other software by whomever made DueYesterday since the easiest way to find good freeware is check the software developers for the apps you already know are great. I discovered that DueYesterday is developed by a group called NoSleep, who also have several other apps.

I don't even know how to begin describing NoSleep. Sometimes you just run across a software company that you know is great, and you just know. You can tell that NoSleep is determined to please the user. All of the apps I've tried are so amazingly well designed and thought through, and best of all, they aren't frilly.

I really don't want to post much time-sensitive stuff because my point is not to say "NoSleep is great right now, September 2010;" I'm trying to say "NoSleep is awesome now, and will continue to be awesome for years to come. But I guess I'll mention some other apps that are available right now to kind of entice you to visiting their website. FileZ is a clear, straightforward filebrowser for PalmOS. I've tried several, and I can say that FileZ is simply the easiest to use. Super Analyzer provides amazing insight to your iTunes library like stats that aren't available in iTunes. On top of that, it provides charts and graphs to make it look interesting (because it is interesting!); it's one of the few programs written in Java that I love.  IdeaSketch is a great app to make mind maps, to lay out all your ideas in a visual manner.

Yes, I will admit right now that 50% of their apps currently ATTOTP (At The Time Of This Post) are for PalmOS. But I personally heard straight from one of the developers that they are shifting more toward iOS apps. In any case, just check them out, they are amazing. In a world where you can sell anything -even the crappiest crap that is an insult to dog crap- in the App Store, NoSleep continues to give free apps -not trials, FREE.

To infinity and beyond, NoSleep software.

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