Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steam sucks

I've been sick the last few days, so I've spent all of my time at home, and it's gotten pretty boring. So today, I thought "You know what sounds good right now? Left4Dead." Not 2, just the original Left4Dead. So I fired up Steam, and guess what: it froze. So I fired it up again: it froze again. I figured it's probably having troubles with bbLean since bbLean doesn't seem to play nice with some programs *coughDropboxcough*, so I quit bbLean and launched Steam from the task manager. Now that it's open and not freezing, I took a look at my library. About 5 games were in the state "Download starting", except they never started. One of those 5 was Left4Dead.

So I tried to fix it. I paused and unpaused it. I restarted my PC. I tried to defragment the game cache: Steam froze. I tried to verify the cache integrity: it sat their for 15 minutes, not moving an inch. Then I figured "Screw this, I'm going to just play Left4Dead 2, rather than waste my time trying to get this working." Well, guess what, I try to launch Left4Dead 2: "Preparing to launch Left4Dead 2..." End. Stop. Doesn't start.

Seriously Valve, what the hell? I love Steam for several reasons, but honestly, I'm just about getting fed up over this. I haven't touched Steam in weeks, and when I want to do something simple: play a game I already own and have played before, it crashes. The saddest part is that I can remember the last time I wanted to play a game, I had to fix Steam too. I have to back up all my games, since I have no clue what I'm going to have to delete in order to get it working again, then reinstall and install again until I get it working.

Valve, get your act together. Seriously. Do you know what I could do in 2 minutes? Walk over to my Xbox 360, pop in my Left4Dead disc, and play the damn game. Instead, I have to fix software that broke itself. Seriously. What the hell.

Fixing something that wasn't his fault (for once),

[UPDATE 9-13-10]
Ok, I've cooled off. I'm still mad at Steam, but I've got my games working. I actually jumped the gun and uninstalled Steam entirely, which I didn't need to do, so I still have to install most of my games. But honestly, Steam is just dissapointing sometimes. I love it because in-game, it's great, and the store has amazing deals, but the client just sucks. Updates to games break them half the time, the client itself can break itself with an update, it freezes when doing things like verifying integrity or defragmenting game cache, and when all you're talking about doing is launching a game (not even installing, just launching) it's pathetic that you have to figure out what the problem is, google for answers, try this, try that, etc until it actually works. Like I said before: my brother owns Left4Dead on the Xbox 360, and I actually played through half a campaign while waiting for Steam to fix itself. That's pathetic. Steam is supposed to be easy and attract people to gaming on the computer. How is going to do that if consoles take 2 minutes to put the disc in and go (disregarding hardware failure) and Steam takes 3 hours of troubleshooting to fix? I mean really.

So while I still love Steam, I want Valve to do one thing: fix it. It's not even the updates that break the games, it's how they're being installed. Fix the method, and get it done right. Period. No excuses.


  1. Moron. you don't even own the game. Steam is a subscription service subject to arbitrary termination. Read your EULA. Dump steam. and every other DLC scam.

  2. Anonymous,

    Moron. You didn't even read my post, obviously, since you never even mentioned anything relevant at all to the post. So I can do the same to you. (But I won't because I don't want to sink to your level.)

    What is "owning a game?" Can't I play the games I buy? If that's true, then how do I not own them? And CDs can be broken/lost: everything is subject to loss. What's your point?

    Bug off, troll.

  3. Steam stole money from my 11yo kid. He saved his allowance to buy GMOD, a fantastic utility that uses the AI engine of installed games like Portal. He created a steam account, bought Portal and GMOD via steam. After a couple months of furious playing, a Steam-forced GMOD update on startup stopped the game working on my kid's Mac 6 months ago, never to work again. So eventually I got him a Windows 7 machine to use recently and he could log on to Steam, but the games crashed instantly when launched. After a few attempts, Steam refused to let him log on again, saying he was using the wrong password. Steam sent me a recovery code email, but when attempting to use it, now steam says his user name doesn't exist. I can confirm that his password was correct in the first place, and now he has no account or the games that he PAYED for! He is a junior programmer in training, and I pity the people responsible for this as a few years from now he may hunt them down online and make them wish they had never heard of steam :)))

  4. Anonymous,

    It sounds to me like you just gave up and left in a huff. I sincerely doubt that on the Mac it "stopped working...never to work again." I have never had a problem (concerning a game's ability to run) that could not be solved by a complete uninstall of Steam and all the games followed by a complete reinstall. As annoying as it is, it's always a solution.

    My brother is actually having problems right now with his Steam account and not being able to sign in. However, the difference between us is that he contacted the Steam customer service instead if (again) leaving at the first sign of defeat. I'll definitely admit that somehow "losing" an account is absolutely retarded and a few Steam developers need a good slap to the face because of it though.

    And lastly I do not understand why you decided to give that smiley a triple chin.