Thursday, October 14, 2010

DVD drive stopping booting

A few days ago, I tried to boot up my PC to find that it wouldn't even reach the point where I could enter the BIOS settings. As you can probably imagine, this had me concerned, especially since I could only think of one thing that would cause a PC to not even reach the BIOS: hardware. Well, considering that I haven't gotten any new hardware other than a USB extension cord (which I highly doubted being the problem), I figured that the best case scenario was that my RAM would be dead which would probably have me out $50, and also with a dead PC until I got some more. (As weird as it is, the two other desktops in my house run on DDR and DDR3. I am alone with DDR2.) This sucks even more since I was hoping to hold off on RAM until I bought a mobo that could handle DDR3.

So anyway, I pull my box out and start trouble shooting (i.e., removing crap). First I tried my Wireless D-Link card, since it had actually randomly shut down on me the night before, and it is possessed with an evil spirit. (I'm only half kidding.) The problem remains. I try both RAM sticks, and neither of them work, so it would mean they both would have to be dead, which seemed unlikely to me. So I pulled the Hard Drives, just to see if I could get to the BIOS. Nothing. I was running out of options. Before pulling the video card, I decided to finally pull all the cords in the back. (Yeah, I know, I shoulda done that first, but all I have connected is my monitors, my Insten Dock, my Headset/Speakers, and my new USB extender. But we'll get to that later.)

So when I pull all the cords, it boots. Woohoo! So I plug back in the dock. Success! I plug back in the USB extension. No dice. So I look at what I had plugged in last to the end of the USB extension: my external DVD drive. I pull it, and the PC boots. Wow.

So short story long: my external slim DVD player (that had Dawn of the Dead in it at the time, by the way) was plugged in with a regular miniUSB instead of the two pronged cord that had come with it can apparently stop my boot. I actually may have bricked the drive since I unplugged it while it was frozen. ( many times until I learn to safely remove hardware?) I hope it will still work....we'll see. But on the bright side, none of the hardware that I need to operate my PC was damaged.

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