Friday, October 1, 2010

Goodbye, Xmarks

After a good long while of serving the interwebz with browser bookmark syncing, X-marks is bidding farewell. It's a damn shame, really. I love Xmarks, because I've been using it for years. Practically as long as I've been using Firefox.

Xmarks is the first bookmark syncing service that I can remember, besides maybe Opera. It was around before Chrome existed, before Firefox's internal bookmark sync was added, and before Internet Explorer fell a few rungs on the ladder of crapness. It was the first, at least I think. I loved it and used it because (a) it synced all my bookmarks, and (b) it provided a web interface so if I was at a friends house thinking of a funny video I bookmarked, all I have to do is go on my Xmarks website and there it is.

The reason Xmarks is shutting down is because they just aren't getting enough money. I have to admit, I'm not surprised, because there's just no way for them to do it. The entire time I've used Xmarks, I've just let it run and sync, and occasionally go to my web interface. I turned off all the search suggestions and bookmark tags since it just made everything slower and I never asked for it anyway. But there's no way to make money off of just syncing in the background.

I'm going to miss Xmarks, partially for its service, but also for its sad "Goodbye" page. They sound so sad, but at the same time, point to alternatives, competitors, if you will. They're even considering going open source. It's just a shame to see a good service like that go under.

That being said, Xmarks said that they considered charging for a premium service, but don't believe enough people would use it. And I tend to agree. I love Xmarks, but I wouldn't pay for it. Well, maybe like $1 a month, and maybe that would be enough, with so many people doing it. But I wouldn't pay for a premium service when alternatives are available.

I guess it just wasn't in the stars. Farewell, Xmarks, you will be missed.

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