Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hesh Skull Candy Earphones

I've had these for a good long while, and I just decided to write up a "review" really quickly after watching skikarl's review.

I got these and a pair of Skullycandy Inked at the same time, and I figured I'd have one for home, and one for on the road. The Inked lasted probably about 6-8 months, then died. These are still kicking. And I am MEAN to these bad boys. I stuff them in backpacks, in my car, and basically treat them like I would earbuds. And they're still alive! The only thing that is wrong with them after 2 years of owning them is that they have a few major cracks in the plastic, but that's only because I was so rough with them. If I'm good to them, they'll probably last me for another year, if not longer.

I'm definitely not an audiophile, but I do love to hear good sound. The Hesh gives good sound. It's loud enough, got good bass, good definition, it's just great. Probably my favorite earphones/buds to own yet, maybe even over my TekNmotion headset. (But it's a close one.) I really don't know how else to describe's just good audio. Period. Get it, unless you're an audiophile, in which case....why do you care what I think?

They look pretty cool, as you can see from the pic, and the cushion on top is pretty comfortable. On the line, it even has a volume control, which is AWESOME, because you don't even have to fiddle to get your MP3 player to turn down the volume: just crap the cord and you're there.

But of course, there are a few cons I would want to point out. The first would be that the cord is split. The cord attached to the headphones is only like 2 feet long, and then the rest of the length is an extension. It kind of annoys me because the connection is so fat, it seems to make the cord weigh a little more. You can't notice the weight very much, but it does kinda make the entire cord dangle and sway more.

The split cord is nice in case it does snag on something, the cord will just disconnect instead of yanking at your head. On the other hand, if you ever lose your extension, you'll have to keep your MP3 player within 2 feet of your ears at all times. It's a balance, and it definitely doesn't make the headphones any worse, but it just makes me wonder.....why?

The only other thing I would have to say is size. I'm a small dude, I have small ears, and it seems like the cups are a tad small. If you wear them for a good while and then take them off, it can feel like it's been squeezing your ears to keep them inside. If they had made the cups more oval-shaped like my TekNmotion headset, they probably could have made it a bit more comfy. But I've never heard anyone else complain about it, so maybe I'm just crazy.

Other than those few annoyances, I love these earphones. I still can't say if the $50 I paid for them was too much, but I definitely know I love the product.

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