Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Switching to 7

Well, today is an important day. It's the day I switch from XP to Windows 7. I've slowly been getting sick of XP constantly freezing on me, and I really need to start learning the in's and out's of Microsoft's new craparating system. So here's to change!

I'm updating from my iPhone because the install is going on right now. I all goes well, I'll have my system up and running by tomorrow night.

(But just in case, I'm installing Mint 9 alongside. I looked through all of my favorite distros, and Mint popped out.)


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Well, after far too many complications, from burning the 7 install CD to getting the partitioning set up right, it's done. I'm currently posting this from Zoundary Raven whilst watching a video on Youtube in my Firefox, with iTunes open alongside. (In other words, all of my data so far has been able to transfer over.)

I've learned a bit through the experience.

  1. Don't mentally commit yourself to switchings OSes unless you're sure your DVD drive isn't broken.
  2. Don't mess with any registry files until you've unhidden the Administrator account.
  3. Windows likes Symlinks instead of Junctions

I like that Microsoft finally caught onto the whole "I don't want my personal folder under Documents and Settings", but I still like to have it right there under the C drive. Normally, TweakUI lets me do this easily, but that is an XP-only deal, so I had to research and learn something new. Changing the individual folders (Documents, Pictures, etc) is easy, I wanted to move the entire profile folder. Additionally, with this new OS, I wanted to try to keep all of my data (both documents and program settings) off in a different folder on a different drive, so if I ever need to back stuff up (or if I upgrade Dropbox, which I've been considering), it will be backupable very easily.

Anyway, long story short, I had to use another 7 install disk to "repair" my install (by just enabling the Administrator account), then I learned (after hours of troubleshooting) that you cannot create Junctions because for some reason Windows doesn't like Junctions. However, apparently symlinks work great. After discovering that random info, I'm creating folders in a nice "Bry Life" folder for both all my files (documents, music and such) and program settings (Firefox profiles, ResophNotes settings, Zoundry Raven settings, Pidgin settings, etc). It's working very well so far. I plan to keep my SteamApps folder off on a different drive as well.

Anyway, I'm kind of giddy. I love doing stuff like this! I don't know why. That's why I can totally see myself in a career with dealing with setting up new systems. Of course, I already have everything mapped out in my mind and it is my data in this case, but hopefully I love it enough to help anyone.

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